George Baptiste Biétrix

Mr George Baptiste Biétrix was born in Seurre, Côte d'Or, France on 25 October 1883.

He was the eldest child of Louis François Biétrix (1857-1927), a baker, and Rose Gabrielle Ravoire (1856-1928), a seamstress, and he had three known siblings: Camille Anne (b. 1885), Maurice Jules (b. 1886) and Lucienne (b. 1888).

Apparently having seen military service in his younger years by 1911 Biétrix had been living in England for some time and he appeared on the census that year as a resident of Flat 30 in Euston Buildings, St Pancras, London NW, the lodger of a French couple by the name of Chouvenot; he was described as an unmarried restaurant cook aged 31.

When he began working for the Italian restaurateur Luigi Gatti is not known but he signed on for the Titanic, his first ship, as a sauce cook on 6 April 1912 and joined the ship on 10 April, the day of departure and gave his age as 29. His address at the time was 22 Albert Mansions, Lambeth, London.

During the sinking there were reports that the largely continental staff of the restaurant, mainly French, Italian, Swiss, German and Belgian, were herded to their quarters by stewards and kept there. Indeed, only three from the staff survived, two of whom were the female cashiers.

George Biétrix died in the sinking and his body, if recovered, was never identified.


Généalogies des Français du Titanic
Association Française du TITANIC

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