Georges Aspeslagh

Mr Georges Asperlagh was born in Oostende, Belgium on 3 September 1885, the son of Alphonsus Josephus Aspelagh and Clementina Constantia Reilzen. Prior to joining the Titanic he lived at 76 St. Pauls Rd, London.

An assistant plateman in the à la carte restaurant, Asperlagh died in the sinking, his body, if recovered, was never identified.

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  1. Jan Aspeslagh said:

    In a commemoration programme on Belgian tv some years ago the Belgian survivors were listed; among them was someone named 'Aspeslagh'. I have not been able to find the name in the lists of your site. Jan Aspeslagh Antwerp Belgium

  2. Herman De Wulf said:

    I read assistant plateman Georges Asperlach was 27 and born in Switzerland, living in London. A source in Belgium has it his name was ASPESLAGH and was Belgian, living in Ostend. That does noet exclude the possibility that he wasborn in Switzerland and had moved to London by 1912. Can anyone provide more details on this crew member ? Thanks Herman De Wulf Belgium

  3. aspeslagh marianne said:

    Re: was the name aspeslagh or asperlach ? greatings, aspeslagh marianne

  4. Lester Mitcham said:

    aspeslagh marianne Looking at his signature when he Signed-on it reads: Aspeslagh.

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Jan Aspeslagh
Peter Engberg-Klarström, Sweden

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