Miss Gertrud Emilia Klasén

Miss Gertrude Emilia Klasén 1 was born in Fliseryd, Kalmar, Sweden on 11 December 1910.

She was the illegitimate daughter of Alice Esther Amanda Klasén (b. 15 August 1890) and was seemingly raised in her grandparents' household, Klas Victor Karlsson and Johanna Matilda, née Jonsdotter, in Grimshult, Fliseryd. Her mother later emigrated in 1911, leaving Getrude behind, and she was married in California in the summer of that year to Emil Peter Edwards (formlery Löfqvist, b. 14 October 1878), a Swedish man who had emigrated in 1902. Emil was also the brother of her aunt Hulda Klasén. Hulda had been married to their mother's late brother Karl Klasen.

Gertrude boarded the Titanic at Southampton as a third class passenger and travelled on ticket number 350405 with her aunt Hulda which cost  £12, 3s, 8d). Also travelling with her was her 18-year-old uncle 2 Klas Albin Klasén and they were headed to Los Angeles to be reunited with her mother, having gained their emigration certificates on 22 March 1912. Also with them was another niece of Mrs Klasén's, Hulda Amanda Adolfina Veström, and they were part of a large party of Swedes that also included: Mrs Sandström and her two daughters, and Elina Olsson and Thure Lundström.

Gertrude, her uncle and aunt all lost their lives in the sinking. Their bodies, if recovered, were never identified.

Gertrude's mother remained in California for the rest of her life. She and her husband Emil had their first child Freda on 14 October 1912. She would be followed by: Evelyn Joanna (1914-1977, later Mrs Conrad Nels Miller), Esther (b. 1915), Herbert (1920-1977) and Leonard Frederick (1930-1994).

Widowed in 1942, Alice was remarried to John Wilford Keiser (1881-1966) and she died in Los Angeles on 8 March 1966.


  1. Spelled alternately as Klasson or Clasén
  2. Frequently mis-identified as her brother.

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