Sig. Giovanni Monteverdi

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United States Senate, Washington 1912. n° 806, Crew List
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  1. Olivier MAGNANI said:

    Jean "Giovanni" MONTEVERDI was one of my ancestors. He was born on 18th of May 1889 in Rosnay (Marne prefecture), France, but was Italian, like his parents (Joseph "Giuseppe" MONTEVERDI and Maria PERELLI).The family was probably from a small village, Casalmurata, near Bedonia, in Italy. Jean and his sister Clotilde (who was born in Casalmurata by 1888) were living at 136 Belvedere Road in Lambeth (UK) in 1911 with 8 other French and German young boys. All of them (except Clotilde) were working as cooks in various hotels. Jean is mentioned to as the "head" of household. It seems that he has... Read full post

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Bill Wormstedt, USA

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