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  1. Debssouthwales said:

    I am researching my family tree and have just ( after 3 years ) come across H E Buckley on the Titanic records on Ancestry. I can't be absolutely sure that he is a family member at this time but my question is this: On the record it states his last shop as New York - was there an RMS New York or am I confusing it with destination. All the other entries in that column refer to past ships? Any help would be great. Many Thanks Debs

  2. Debssouthwales said:

    Clearly meant ship here! Thank you for this, as I say. I have a lot of digging to find out if he is indeed a family member but after three years you get used to small victories after long searches. I was fascinated by her history as my maternal grandfather was killed in 1942 on board HMS Curacoa - a collision with the Queen Mary. Many Thanks Debs

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