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Hans Peder Jensen

Mr Hans Peder Jensen, 20, a beer-wagon driver (?) from Pederstrup, Sønder, Højrup Sogn, Vinding Herred, Svendborg Amt, Fyn, Denmark was the son of Jens Pedersen and Karen Marie Hansen.

He traveled with his fiancé Carla Jensen, her brother Svend Lauritz Jensen and uncle Niels Peder Jensen.

Hans Peder Jensen was going to Portland, Oregon where he and Carla planned to acquire their own farm. His cabin was in the stem. During the night he, Carla's brother and uncle went to the stern to wake her up. They reached boat deck and brought Carla into a lifeboat.

After her son's death his mother tried to get White Star to pay the 350 Danish Kronor she had lent him. There are no records that show that White Star accepted liability for the loan.

His body was never found.

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  1. Shelley Dziedzic

    Couldn't see that this has been posted before. Here is a thoughtfully constructed site for the witness testimonies in this case.

  2. Shelley Dziedzic

    I should make mention that the above link will take you to a sort of "mock trail" conducted by a contemporary law firm- the info and documentation is, however, archival or researched from historical documents.

  3. Allison Lane

    Allison Lane

    I think it's great! The street law class at my school did that trial last semester, and my friend got to play Lightoller. That's my nickname for him now. :-) Also the teacher was going to use my AP English class as the jury, then remembered that I was in the class, and decided not to--I made a fool of him in U.S. History class last year when he said the Titanic was the sister ship of the Lusitania. He said my being on the jury would be a case of the jury knowing more than the defense and prosecution combined. :-) I was oddly flattered--apparently he tells the story of my one-upping him to all... Read full post

  4. Jan C. Nielsen

    Shelley, Thanks for the site. I had overlooked this before because I thought it was all fictional. But much of the information is true. Carla's got a "Nielsen" in her name, and my relatives were originally from that part of Denmark - - could I be related to a Titanic passenger???? Wow!! Seriously, I'm going to be add Carla's name to the PTSD conversation because it seems that with her never traveling again, and being buried in the nightdress and all, she about fits the bill for a mild case of PTSD. Thanks again.

  5. Rebecca Kutzer-Rice

    Rebecca Kutzer-Rice

    Hi! I am a student, and currently we are working on a project on the Titanic. For backround information, we read A Night to Remember. Now, we are doing a mock court session on the Titanic. Carla Jensen, a third class passenger, is suing the White Star Line for neglagence because the ship sank and her husband, Hans Peter Jensen died. I need information on Mr. Jensen. Because he was a third class passenger, it has been difficult to find anything on him. I found no cabin number for him(if anyone knows this, it would be very usefull!) Also, I need witnesses who saw him on the Titanic and possibly... Read full post

  6. Bob Godfrey

    Rebecca, You can read about Hans and Carla in the 'Passenger Lists & Biographies' section of this site - look for the set of links near the top of the home page and click on 3rd Class, then look for both names on the list. Take note that Hans was NOT locked below decks - he is known to have taken Carla all the way to the lifeboats. After that, of course, he was a victim of the policy of 'women and children only'. Good luck!

  7. Bob Godfrey

    Rebecca, On second thoughts, your best defence against a claim for compensation would be the fact that Carla was not yet married to Hans! For the purpose of your project, you should perhaps consider that they WERE married.

  8. Rebecca Kutzer-Rice

    Rebecca Kutzer-Rice

    Wow! It's funny how you can tend to overlook even the most obvious facts. Since they weren't married, they had no legal relationship. Hans's parents or his closest living relative would be the one to get the money, which would at least be grounds for a mistrial. Also, they weren't even staying in the same cabin on the Titanic, which might possibly prove that they weren't as close as they've been made out to be. Thanks a lot!

  9. Bob Godfrey

    Hans and Carla WERE close, and intended to marry soon after their arrival in the US. But remember this was 1912, so there was no question of them sharing a cabin on the way over. On the Titanic the single men were normally quartered at the front end of the ship and the single women at the rear, to discourage just that kind of wickedness! As regards his relatives making a claim, you can read in his biography what happened when his mother tried that.

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Titanic Passenger Summary

Name: Mr Hans Peder Jensen
Born: circa.1892
Age: 20 years (Male)
Nationality: Danish
Marital Status: Engaged to Carla Jensen
Last Residence: in Eskildstrup, Denmark
Embarked: Southampton on Wednesday 10th April 1912
Ticket No. 350050, £7 17s 1d
Died in the Titanic disaster (15th April 1912)
Body Not Identified

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