Hans Peder Jensen

Mr Hans Peder Jensen, 20, a beer-wagon driver (?) from Pederstrup, Sønder, Højrup Sogn, Vinding Herred, Svendborg Amt, Fyn, Denmark was the son of Jens Pedersen and Karen Marie Hansen.

He traveled with his fiancé Carla Jensen, her brother Svend Lauritz Jensen and uncle Niels Peder Jensen.

Hans Peder Jensen was going to Portland, Oregon where he and Carla planned to acquire their own farm. His cabin was in the stem. During the night he, Carla's brother and uncle went to the stern to wake her up. They reached boat deck and brought Carla into a lifeboat.

After her son's death his mother tried to get White Star to pay the 350 Danish Kronor she had lent him. There are no records that show that White Star accepted liability for the loan.

His body was never found.

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Gavin Bell, UK
Klaus Egvang, Denmark
Leif Snellman, Finland

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