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Harry Holman was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England in the summer months of 1883. He was the son of William Edward Holman (1856-1897), a general labourer, and Priscilla Mary Unwin (1859-1905), both natives of Portsmouth who had married in 1880.

Harry had five known siblings: Joseph Edward (b. 1884), Alice Emma (b. 1887), Nellie Louisa (b. 1888) and twins Alfred John and Frederick James (b. 1890).

Harry first appears on the 1891 census 6 Trimmers Court, Portsmouth. His father was killed 1897 aged 41 in a crane accident at Portsea docks.  Harry initially launched a career as a fishmonger and appears as such on the 1901 census when he and his remaining family were living at Butcher Street, Portsmouth. When he went to sea is uncertain and his mother passed away in 1905.

Harry was married in Southampton in 1907 to Louisa Josephine Chiswell (b. 1887 in Southampton) but the couple would have no children. They appear on the 1911 census living at 10 Andersons Road, Southampton and Harry is described as a seaman for the White Star Line.

When he signed-on to the Titanic, on 6 April 1912 he lived at "Cathcart", Britannia Road, Northam, Southampton. As an able bodied seaman he received monthly wages of £5. His last ship had been the Dongola.

Holman died in the disaster. His body, if recovered, was never identified. The following death notice appeared in the Southern Daily Echo (26ril 1912):

HOLMAN -- On board S.S. Titanic, Harry, the dearly loved and loving husband of Louisa Josephine Holman, Cathcart, Britannia road, Southampton and Portsmouth, aged 27. Full of the hope of life, in the bravery of death. Portsmouth papers please copy.

Harry's widow Louisa was remarried three times, all without issue. Firstly in 1914 she was married to Albert G. Conabeer (b. 1892) but she was widowed in 1921. In 1933 she was once again married to Daniel Houston (b. 1886) but was again widowed five years later. Her last marriage was in 1941 to William Smith. She remained in Southampton for the rest of her life and died on 18 February 1957 aged 69.

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Southern Daily Echo (26 April 1912) Death Notice: Holman


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  1. Carol Rosemary Clegg said:

    Would like to contact Celia Bennett with regard to Harry Holman. My grand mother was his sister and I think we are related. My e-mail address is Would like any more information on Harry Holman.

  2. Celia Bennett said:

    Louise Josephine Chiswell was married to Harry Holman, AB he was a Quarter Master on the Donegal,prior to enlisting on the Titancic.Poor Harry never made it. I would like to hear from any Chiswell who may have been related. Heres hoping

  3. avatar

    Jason D. Tiller said:

    Hello Celia, Welcome aboard. I created a thread and moved your post to here, where it's more appropriate. All the best in finding other relatives.

  4. laura holman said:

    can anyone give me any information on Harry Holman? i know that he died aboard the titanic and his body was not recovered/identified and that preciously he resided in hants.

  5. avatar

    Brian J. Ticehurst said:

    Hello Laura - here is some extra information:-Holman, Harry. Lived in a house called Cathcart, Britannia Road, Northam, Southampton. Occupation - Able Seaman. Age 27. (Born in Hampshire). (Wife: Louisa Josephine). (Death Notice from the Southern Daily Echo 26th April, 27th April, 28th April,, 29th April, 2nd May 1912 and the Hampshire Independent 27th April, 4th May 1912 and Hampshire Advertiser 27th April 1912). Holman, Harry. Dearly Loved and Loving Husband of Louisa Josephine Holman, Cathcart, Britannia Road and Portsmouth. Aged 27. Aged 27. Deeply Mourned by His Sister Emily and... Read full post

  6. David Huffaker said:

    The wife's name was Louise Josephine Chiswell. The parents are William Edward Holman and Priscilla Mary Unwin. The siblings were (after Harry) Joseph Edward, Alice Emma, Nellie Louisa, possibly John,(I am not sure if this is the same as the next one) Alfred John and Frederick James. They were all born in Portsmouth.

  7. David Huffaker said:

    Louise's parents were William James Chiswell and Ellen Sarah Chandler. Siblings: Ellen Matilda, Ethel, Alice Emily, Louise Josephine, William James, Fillmer and Harry Louis. They were all born in Southampton. The younger two boys died in WWI. Alice died at the age of 4. William James' parents were James Ashe Gabb Chriswell and Matilda Bond. Going back to the earlier post - Priscilla's (Harry's mother) parents were James Unwin and Susanna Bolton.

  8. laura holman said:

    hi - thanks all! sorry to thank you so late - im new to the board and thought that i may get a prompter email if i had any responses!! thanks again, much appriciated - ill be able to continue with my research!

  9. avatar

    Sindi Holman said:

    I would like to know if I am related to him. I think my sister is going to check into it.

  10. Dee said:

    I am interested in Harry Holman because we share the same surname, I doubt that there is any direct relation but would be interested to find out.

  11. avatar

    Dave Gittins said:

    Dee, in cases like yours the thing is to work backwards from yourself. You will get two or three generations easily and you can look at the various branches of your family tree. Harry Holman lived not all that long ago and records should be there. The cost of searching varies a lot and in some places it's decidedly expensive. There are limits to what can be done online, so be prepared to dig into old files in all formats. Good hunting!

  12. Dee said:

    Thanks Dave, I have an extensive tree on Ancestry dating back to 1500's! I pay a monthly fee due to being so addicted to it! I have not followed all paths completely but it looks unlikely that I am related. Most of my Holman ancestors were from Cornwall.

  13. Michael Holman said:

    Bit of an old thread but Harry was my dads brother. Is confirmed in the family tree and quite interesting. My understanding is we have very few relatives. But anyway Hi if any are out there.

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