Mr Jens Henrik Marius Juul Hansen

Mr Jens Henrik Marius Juul Hansen was born on 3 September 1886 at Nysted, Maribo, Denmark, to Christen (born 16 May 1842 - probably at Musse, Maribo) and Maren (nee Clausen; she had been born 27 August 1843, possibly at Herritslev, Maribo) Hansen. His parents had married 15 March 1868 at Nysted His known brothers and sisters were Claus Peder, b. 13 January 1871, Carl Ludvig, b. 26 March 1879, Julius Martin, b. 21 November 1873, Christian August, b. 21 August 1876, all born at Nysted, Maren Johanne Marie, b. 14 November 1881, and Hans Vilhelm, b. 6 August 1882. His parents went alternatively by the names Hansen and Juul and his father was described as a 'husmand,' which translates into 'farmer/agricultural labourer.' He and his family belonged to the (Lutheran) Church of Denmark.

Henrik had been a shopkeeper in Holeby, Lolland.

In 1912 Claus and his wife Jennie visited Denmark and Henrik decided to return to America with them. His destination was Racine, Wisconsin.

Henrik and his brother died in the sinking.

Henrik and Claus' parents received £20 in compensation for their loss.


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