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Mr Henry Allen (Fireman) was born in Southampton, Hampshire, England in late 1881/early 1882. His birth was registered in the first quarter of 1882 and he was baptised on 10 February that year in St James' Church, Southampton.

He was the son of William Allen (b. 1847), a coal porter, and Clara Biles (b. 1855), natives of Portsmouth and Southampton respectively and he had three known siblings: William Henry (b. 1875), Annie (b. 1877) and Edwin (b. 1879).

Prior to Henry's birth his family were recorded on the 1881 census living at 23 King Street, Southampton. When Henry and his family appear on the 1891 census they are residing at 3 St George's Court, Southampton.

He was married in 1900 to Cecilia Reid (b. 1879), a native of Gosport. By April 1912 the couple had nine children together, six surviving infancy: Emily (b. 1900), Annie Cecilia (1901-1988, later Mrs John Wilson), William Henry (b. 1903), Charles Edward (1906-1984), Alfred James (1909-1989) and Clara Elizabeth (1910-2003, later Mrs George Ackland).

On the 1901 census a 19-year-old Henry is living with his wife and first child Emily at 6 Mount Street, Southampton. On the 1911 census the family are at 3 Wickham Court, French Street, Vyse Lane, Southampton but Henry is not present. He instead was listed as a prisoner at HM Prison on Romsey Road, Winchester, his misdemeanour unknown.

When he signed on to the Titanic on 6 April 1912 he gave his local address as 3 French Street, Southampton. His previous ship had been the Oceanic and as a fireman he would receive pay of £6 per month. Also serving aboard was his brother-in-law Robert Thomas Reid, a trimmer, and James Mason, his lodger.

Henry Allen died in the sinking and his body was recovered by the Mackay-Bennett and buried at Fairview Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia on 8 May 1912.


CLOTHING - Blue coat and vest; striped trousers; dungaree trousers; grey trousers.




His family would benefit from the Titanic Relief Fund as Class G dependents. Henry's widow Cecilia had been pregnant at the time of the sinking and gave birth to a daughter named Eliza on 13 August 1912.

Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund

Number 26.

Allen, Cecilia. Widow. Allen, Emily (child). Allen, Ann C. (child). Allen, William H. (child). Allen, Charles J. (child). Allen, Alfred J. (child). Allen, Clara Elizabeth, Allen, Eliza, (child). All class G dependents.

Cecilia was remarried in 1914 to William F. Dollery (1871-1937), a former merchant seaman, and would have further children. She died in 1948 in Southampton. Henry's last surviving child Clara died in 2003 whilst his posthumously born daughter Eliza (later Mrs Richard Titcombe) died in 1988, both in Southampton.

Henry Allen is remembered on the family headstone in Old common cemetery Southampton (section D 184, plot 110).

Documents and Certificates

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  1. HowardK said:

    I am a descendant of Henry Allen (not to be confused with William Henry Allen, a 3rd class passenger). I have managed to piece together some of his story and that of his widow and 7 orphaned children. I was also lucky enough to be able to visit his grave in Halifax last week....possibly the first family member to visit him in 100 years. Poor sod! I know he was a stoker, but don't know which boiler room he was in, and hence don't know how it was he made it to the deck and then into the water. He had 3 pairs of trousers on, which suggests he had an inkling he would end up in the cold... Read full post

  2. Roy A Martin said:

    Dear Howard, Just making contact, I am the great grandson of Henry Allen, my grandmother was Clara Elizabeth, I found your artical via Canada AM after attending the Titanic 100 commemoration held in Southampton last Tuesday It would be good to exchange email address. I can be contact at Yours, Roy A Martin

  3. Deleted member 173198 said:

    Yes Howard -- that side of the Allen's were on the Relief Fund. As for the seven children they were never orphaned. I am not sure if any of the children decided to leave Britain and settle in the U.S, as that claim is a new one on me. I am in contact with one of the family and she is looking to link up with all descendants of the Allen's and that would also apply to you Roy, if you are interested. Cecilia actually remarried in 1914, but the seven children remained on the Relief Fund until they reached the rightful age of 16 for he boy's and 18 for the girls. Before the removal of their... Read full post

  4. HowardK said:

    Thank you Andrew. Very helpful. I would be very happy to contact the family member you are in touch with. My email address is

  5. Roy A Martin said:

    Hi Andrew, thank you for your feedback, i would be interested in making contact regarding Henry and Cecillia`s descendants. My email address is I note that you are in Romsey Hampshire, so am i !! The Allen descendants are looking to track down photos of Henry and Cecillia, can anyone help ?? BR Roy

  6. Deleted member 173198 said:

    Thank you Roy -- I will be making contact pretty soon.

  7. Liviyloo said:

    Hey Thanks! Alivia

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