Henry Wittman

Henry Wittman

Mr Heinrich (Henry) Wittmann1 was born in Obernalb, Austria2 on 26 June 1873, the son of Henrich and Maria Wittmann. Other details about his early life remain unclear. 

When Wittmann arrived in England is not certain although he may have arrived as early as 1893. He first appears on the 1901 census as a member of waiting staff living at Leasowe Castle, Wallasey, Cheshire, then a hotel, and he was described as a naturalised citizen.

Heinrich, known as Henry in England, was married in Liverpool on 18 May 1902 to Amelia "Amy" Small (b. 26 November 1880 in Liverpool, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Small) and they had four children: Amy Hilda (b. 27 March 1903), Ronald Henry (b. 1905), Arthur Robert (b. 1907) and Ernald Thomas (b. 1 October 1910).

Henry and his wife initially settled in the Liscard area of where their first three children were born. By this time Henry was working at sea and was shown on numerous voyages aboard Cedric across 1903 and 1904; his ship prior to that had been the Celtic and his address on all records was given as 9 Burns (Barnes?) Road, Liscard. He was shown working aboard the Cedric with several other Titanic crew, including William McMurray.

He and his family moved to Southampton sometime around 1909; they are recorded on the 1911 census whilst living at 12 Richville Road, Shirley, Southampton and Henry was described as a ship's steward.

When he signed-on to the Titanic in Southampton on 4 April 1912, he gave his address as 12 Richville Road, Southampton3. He had transferred from the Olympic and as a bedroom steward he received monthly wages of £3, 15s.

Henry Wittmann died in the sinking; his body (#315) was recovered by the Montmagny and was buried at Fairview Lawn Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia on 10 May 1912.

Sex, Male.    Approximate age, 45, Black hair, tinged with grey, dark brown mustache; chest very hairy, weight about 160 lbs; height 5 ft 6 in.

Effects:    3/6, 1 dime 11 coppers; bunch of keys, tag marked First staterooms C95 to C127, and C104 to C148; key No. 198.

Possibly a steward.

Name: Withnarn, or Wilhnann or 

Buried in Fairview

WITTMAN - April 15, on the S.S.Titanic, Henry the dearly beloved husband of Amy Wittman,of 12, Richville-road, Shirley, Southampton - Hampshire Independent - Saturday 27 April 1912

His widow Amelia never remarried and remained in Southampton, later living at 90 Cedar Road where she died aged 74 on 12 February 1955. She had also weathered the loss of her son Arthur Robert in 1915 aged 8.

Henry's daughter Amy Hilda was married in 1939 to Percy Selwyn but it is unclear if she raised a family. When her mother died in 1955 she was described as a single woman. Amy died in Bournemouth, Hampshire in 1985.

Son Ronald Henry apparently never married and later became a carpenter. He died in 1968 in Winchester, Hampshire.

Son Ernald Thomas was married in Southampton in 1935 to Ada James and is known to have had at least one child. He later worked as a business representative and settled in Gloucestershire where he died in 1983.



  1. Name spelt as Whittman on 1901 census. His children's names would be registered as Wittmann. His marriage record and the 1911 census gives the spelling as Wittman. Birth was registered as "Wittmann"
  2. On all crew records from 1903 through 1912 he gave his birthplace as Vienna.
  3. Given on the signing-on sheets as Richmond Road.

References and Sources

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Crew Particulars of Engagement, Public Record Office (BT100/259)
Portrait courtesy of Nick Humby and Trevor Baxter
Grave photo courtesy of Bill Fowler, Canada
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  1. Terry Wittman said:

    Good morning. On a recent trip to Southampton I was able to visit the Titanic Museum and find information on a possible relative that was a crew member. He is buried in Nova Scotia and I have found a photo of the grave site thanks to this site. I know there are 2 obituaries but have been unable to track those down via internet. Anyone have suggestions? Henry Wittman, Body #315, Class: Victualling, Bedroom Steward 1st class. Obits: Southern Daily Echo 25/4/1912 and Hampshire Independent 27/4/1912

  2. Terry Wittman said:

    Trying to figure out how to retrieve copies of obituaries posted in Southern Daily Echo (25/4/1912) and Hampshire Independent (27/4/1912) on Henry Wittman, (body #315), a 1st class bedroom steward. anyone have suggestions?

  3. avatar

    Brian J. Ticehurst said:

    Not exactly Obits but The following was in the Death Announcement and Memorium pages: (Death Notice Southern Daily Echo 25th April 1912 and Hampshire Independent 27th April May 1912). Wittman, Henry Dearly beloved Husband of Amy Wittman, of 12 Richville Road, Shirley. Thats all Cheers Brian

  4. avatar

    Michael H. Standart said:

    Unfortunately, not everything is on the Internet. Some things you just have to dig up the hard way. If you want copies of the obituaries, you have at least two options that I'm aware of. One would be to call the newspapers themselves if their still in business and ask for a copy. Another would be to see if copies are available by way of the library, either locally or through the interlibrary system.

  5. Nick Humby said:

    Henry was a First Class Bedroom Steward. He lived at 12 Richville Road, Shirley, Southampton,not Richmond Road.The PRO Record gives the incorrect address. His correct address is shown in the 1911 UK Census. His body was picked up by the Minia, not the Montmagny.

  6. jh said:

    Ronald married Gladys and they had one daughter Jacqueline June. Ronald died in Eastleigh, not Winchester.

  7. Nick Humby (2340) said:

    Ronald Whitman/Wittman married Gladys Bowles in Southampton in 1925. They had one daughter, Jacqueline.

  8. Rainer Resel said:

    Henry Wittman was born in Lower Austria, a small village called Obernalb, on June 26 in 1873, his name has been Heinrich Wittmann.

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