Honor Fleming

Honor Fleming

Miss Honor (Honora, Nora) Fleming 1 was born in Cloghbrack, Addergoole, Co Mayo, Ireland on 9 April 1888,2 later being baptised on 14 April the same year.

She was the daughter of Thomas Fleming (b. 1851), a farmer, and Mary Callaghan (b. 1853), Carrowskeheen, Co Mayo natives who had married in Lahardane Parish on 21 January 1877. 

One of eleven children born to her parents, her siblings were: Michael (b. 17 January 1878), Anthony (b. 6 September 1879), Thomas (b. 10 September 1881), John (b. 28 September 1883), Catherine (b. 31 December 1885), Patrick (b. circa 1890)(3), Mary (b. 5 August 1892), Bridget (b. 4 February 1895(4)), Ellen (b. 26 December 1896) and Joseph (b. 1 September 1899).

Honor appears with her family on both the 1901 and 1911 censuses living in Carrowskeheen, existing as a farmer's daughter. Honor's sister Catherine had emigrated to the USA in May 1910, settling in Manhattan, and it was Honor's intention to join her there.

Honor boarded the Titanic at Queenstown on 11 April 1912 (ticket number 364859 which cost £7, 15s). She was travelling in a large group from her locale, now known as the Addergoole Fourteen, a crowd headed by Catherine McGowan. Among the group were her near neighbours, the Bourkes, John, Mary and Catherine.

Honor Fleming died in the sinking and her body, if recovered, was never identified.

Following her death her family remained in Carrowskeheen; her younger sister Mary died from tuberculosis the following year on 1 May 1913. Her mother died on 31 January 1932 whilst her father died 7 January 1953 aged 81.

Honor's sister in America, Catherine, remained in New York for the rest of her life. She was married in 1916 to John Leonard Wynne (b. 1888), an Irish-American, and settled in Bronx, New York where she raised a family. She died in Nassau, New York in January 1976.


  1. Birth record gives her name as Honor whilst her baptismal record gives the name as Honoria. Considering many Roman Catholic baptismal records were transcribed into Latin, names likewise, it is more likely that she was named as Honor (as per her birth record) and she appears as such on the 1901 census. On the 1911 census, however, she was listed as Annie.
  2. Birth date frequently given as 14 April 1888 or 1890. 14 April was her baptism date and she was born in 1888 as per her baptismal and birth records.
  3. No record for Patrick's birth has been located but he appears on the 1901 census as a ten-year-old; by the time of the 1911 census he is absent from the family home. 
  4. Later Mrs Cunningham 

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  1. Roger Hemmingeone.net said:

    I'm trying to find out any information about Norah Hemming, who boarded RMS Titanic at Queenstown. I think she was a steerage passenger and I believe she did not survive the sinking.

  2. avatar

    Phillip Gowan said:

    Roger, Her real name was Nora (or Honora) Fleming and she died in the sinking. There is a biographical sketch and photo of her in Senan Molony's new book.

  3. Mona Parks said:

    hi,phillip, I know this thread is a couple of years old, but I'm new to the message board and I was scanning the archives and found your message. THANK YOU!!!!!!! I have been sure that Nora Hemming and Nora Flemming were the same but hadn't been able to prove it. thanks again.

  4. Lester Mitcham said:

    Mona, It may interest you to know that the Queentown Passenger/Ticket Boarding List BT 27/776 has the holder of ticket number 364859, listed as Nora Fleming. The Contract Ticket List also has Fleming; but Norah with an "h". The problem as with many other names lies with the White Star Passenger List; which has Norah Hemming. Lester

  5. avatar

    Phillip Gowan said:

    Mona, You may still be able to get a copy of Senan Molony's book from one of the on-line booksellers. As I had mentioned--it has a good chapter on Nora as well as a photo of her. Regards, Phillip

  6. Shannon Gwendolyn Maria Abbott - DeWitt Hannigan said:

    Hi Before a few months I experienced, that I related to a Honora Flemings. She drowned on 14 April on the Titanic. Unfortunately I could`t find very much information about her . Could you help me , please ?

  7. avatar

    Kritina Johnston said:

    Well, there's her bio at ET: And there's the following from a clipping I have taken from the Commutator (her great-niece was the one who wrote the following): "In 1911, her sister, Catherine Fleming Wynne, a domestic working in New York, sent money for Honora's passage in 1911. The family, however, needed the cash and spent it (according to legend) on the purchase of a cow. Catherine sent money again in 1912, and Honora purchased her Titanic ticket. Supposedly, Honora... Read full post

  8. Lorry90 said:

    Hi. I'm her great grand-niece. She was my grandmother's maternal aunt (on my father's side). From what I know, the story about the fare being sent twice is possibly true, sad if true, but might also be just good folklore. My grandmother never talked about it really. She was my grandmother's aunt and Nora would probably have been very involved in her life before she left. I'm not sure how old my grandmother might have been when it happened - my grandmother was born the same year as the Queen of England, so work that out! I just know that the most I got out of my grandmother while doing... Read full post

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