Hugh Hatch

Mr Hugh Hatch was born in East Wellow, Romsey, Hampshire, England over the summer of 1891 and he was baptised on 19 July that year.

He was the son of Charles Hatch (1835-1901), a gardener, and Emily Jane Hacker (1858-?); his father was from Bramshaw, Hampshire and his mother from Tisbury, Wiltshire and they had married in Southampton in 1880, going on to have seven children.

His siblings were: Mabel Rose (1881-1966, later Mrs Charles Giles), Charles Edward (1882-1956), twins Evelyn Bessie (1884-1950, later Mrs William Henry Pratt) and Ellen Beatrice (1884-1927, later Mrs Louis Churcher), Emily Isabella (1896-1943, later Mrs James R. Breach) and Alice May (b. 1898).

Hugh was born after the 1891 census was taken but at the time his family were living at 6 Southampton Road, East Wellow and his father was described as a market gardener. When Hugh eventually appears on the 1901 census the family have moved to Black Hill, East Wellow, Romsey with his father now a general shop proprietor. His father would pass away only a few weeks after the census was taken.

His mother was remarried in Southampton in 1910 to Francis Gannnaway (1862-1940), a Southampton-born labourer and they settled at Black Hill, East Wellow, Romsey where they appeared on the 1911 census. Hugh himself appears on the 1911 census as a resident of 446 Portswood Road in Southampton, the home of his sister Mabel and her family, and he is described as an unmarried "colonial butcher."

When he signed-on to the Titanic, on 9 April 1912, he gave his address as 446 Portswood Road, Southampton and his age as 23. His last ship had been the Oceanic and as a scullion he received monthly wages of £3, 10s.

Hugh Hatch died in the sinking and his body, if recovered, was never identified.

His family are believed to have remained in Hampshire although what became of his mother is not clear. His last known surviving sibling was his eldest sister Mabel Rose who died in Southampton in 1966. The whereabouts and eventual fate of his youngest sibling Alice is currently uncertain.

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  1. Alan Sweeney said:

    My family are currently tracing our family tree and we came across the above crew member who was a scullion on board the ship. He lived in Southampton. If anyone has any idea of his relatives etc please contact me through this site or through my email at

  2. Deleted member 173198 said:

    Hello Alan, Welcome to the board and happy New Year. Well, almost anyway! Once the Xmas holidays are finally over with I am planning to pop down the local Registrary Office at Romsey. Ideally to check up his actual date of birth and briefly check the baptist records as well. All indications are showing that Hugh was born in the district of Romsey, although during the disaster year of 1912, all of his family were living just up the road from where I am living today at West Wellow. Hugh also had (I think from memory, and please forgive as I do not have any my notes sitting directly... Read full post

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    Hi, I hope your still on this thread. I'm tracing my family tree and believe Hugh Hatch is a relative. My family on the Hatch side lived in Romsey, unfortunately my grandfather Ronald Hatch has now passed and my dad Gary Hatch wasn't close to his family so can't help. He does not know his grandads name or know anything about his uncles. Apparently there was a big argument about something and the family didn't speak. Anyway hope you can help. Many thanks. Siobhan Hatch.

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    Steven Christian said:

    Well if your on this board you probably already have seen the... Read full post

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    Fantastic thank you

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