Hulda Kristina Eugenia Klasén

Mrs Karl Osker Emanuel Klasén 1 was born as Hulda Christina Eugenia Löfqvist on 18 March 1876 in Vänge, Gotland, Sweden.

She was the daughter of Petter Edvard Löfqvist (b. 1832) and Johanna Sofia Helena Löfgren (b. 1839) and was the sister of: Wendla Johanna (b. 1865), Ida Olivia (b. 1868), Emma Josefina Fredrika (b. 1872), Peter Emil (b. 1878). She grew up in Salmunds, Stånga, Bjärges, Vänge but is believed to have emigrated to the USA around the turn of the century.

She was married in Chicago, Illinois on 15 June 1907 to Karl Osker Emanuel Klasén (b. 3 May 1883), a fellow Swede originally from Fliseryd, Kalmar. The marriage was short-lived and by 1910 Hulda was a widow living with her brother Peter Emil in Los Angeles. Her brother was married in the summer of 1911 to Alice Esther Amanda Klasén, the younger sister of Hulda's late husband.

Hulda returned to her native Sweden, perhaps around the close of 1911, and for her return to Los Angeles she boarded the Titanic at Southampton as a third class passenger. She was also chaperoning her brother-in-law Klas Albin Klasén and nieces Gertrude Emilia and Hulda Veström across the Atlantic. Mrs Klasén and her niece Gertrude travelled on ticket number 350405 which cost £12, 3s, 8d. They were part of a large party of Swedes that also included: Mrs Sandström and her two daughters, and Elina Olsson and Thure Lundström.

Mrs Klasen, along with her brother-in-law Klas and nieces died in the sinking. Their bodies, if recovered, were never identified.

The Mansion House Fund paid 1787.52 (£98) to her father and 1276.80 Kr (£70) to her sister. No damage claims were made as her father died before legal processes could start and the lawyers concluded that nobody else was dependent on her.

The following obituary appeared in the newspaper Gotlands Allehanda in 1912 alongside one for Hulda Amanda Adolfina Veström:

Courtesy Jonas Söderström


  1. Spelled alternately as Claesson or Clasén

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(1912) Memorial Card: Hulda Clasén
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    Maritha Boström said:

    Hulda Klasén was actually the widow of Klas Albin Klaséns brother, known (at least) as Oscar E. Klasen in USA. They were married in Chicago June 15th 1907. As said, Hulda was a widow when she boarded the TItanic; Oscar probably died in 1910 in USA.

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