Ida Sofia Strandberg

Miss Ida Sofia Strandberg was born 22 November 1889 in Finström, Godby, Åland, Finland the daughter of Johannes Gustaf (b. 26 August 1854) and Brita/Beata Sofia (née Knutsdotter) Strandberg.

She lived with her widowed mother Sofia (a crofter) in Åbo (now Turku), Finland. She had at least one brother; Gustav Conrad Strandberg (b. 17 April 1888).

She was bound for New York.

Like Karl Ivar Berglund and Alfred Gustafson, Ida travelled from the Åland Islands via Gothenburg, Sweden on the Calypso to Hull. She was therefore initially listed as a Swede.

In White Star's list she is noted as coming from Croyem in Bulgaria and going to Mitral Perdarrichi 709 West Adam street Chicago, while the US Senate list more correctly gives her destination as New York.

Ida Strandberg died in the sinking, her body, if recovered, was never identified. £50 in compensation was later paid to her mother.

A girl, 22 years of age, was lost, leaving a widowed mother in Finland. This Committee sent $50 to the mother, in the name of the brother who had paid passage, and was unable to send, at once, his usual remittances. The English Committee gave £100 to the mother. ($50) - From the Red Cross files: No. 434. (Finnish)

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Peter Engberg-Klarström, Sweden
Leif Snellman, Helsinki, Finland
Claes-Göran Wetterholm, Sweden

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