Mr Isakki Antonpoika Äijö-Nirva

Isakki Antonpoika (Antonsson) Äijö-Nirva was born 24 December, 1870 in Kauhajoki, Vasa County, Finland. His parents were Antti Samuel Äijö, (b. 27 November 1843 at Kauhajoki), and Hedwig Wilhelmina Juhontytär (b. 28 December 1843 at Kauhajoki). His parents had married 1 April 1864 at Kauhajoki.

He was one of nine children in the family; Kaisa Sofia, b. 12 March 1866, Juho Antonpoika, b. 12 March 1868, Antti, b. 24 January 1877 (d. 1877), Antti, b. 12 April 1881 (d. 1881), Aurora Helena, b. 31 July 1882 (d. 1884), Matilda Wilhelmina, b. 9 July 1884, and Roosa Aurora, b. 9 August 1885. His wife, whom he had married 2 August 1891 at Kauhajoki, was Maija-Liisa Salomonintytär (b. 2 June 1872 at Kauhajoki) and the couple had seven children; Hilda Sofia, b. 10 December 1891, Sigrid Maria, b. 28 April 1893, Jaakko Salomon, b. 25 May 1896, Hilda Justina, b. 10 September 1897, Feeliks Antero, b. 19 December 1898, Hulda Elizabeth, b. 17 September 1900, and Viljo Iisakki, b. 2 September 1911.  

He was a farmer living in Kauhajoki, Western Finland with his wife: Maija-Liisa Salomonintytär and five children: Sigrid Maria, Jaakko Salomon, Hilda Justina, Feeliks Antero, Viljo Iisakki.

Iisakki Nirva had sold his farm and was emigrating to Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. He boarded the Titanic at Southampton with Nikolai Erland Kallio, Matti Mäenpää and Matti Rintamäki.

None of the group survived. Iisakki 's widow received £250 in compensation. His body was never found.


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