Ilmari Rudolf Alhomäki

Mr Ilmari Rudolf Alhomäki was born on 12 March 1893 in Uskela (near Salo), Finland the son of Gustav Tilander, (b. 26 August 1853 at Karis, Finland). and Edla Karolina (nee Strömvik; 24 July 1854 – 22 July 1937) Alhomäki, who later married Gustaf Tilander. It is unclear where his last name Alhomäki came from.

His brothers and sisters were; August Aleksander, b. 12 September 1879, Tekla Dagmar, b. 29 November 1881, Artur Alarik, b. 8 February 1884, Aina Sigrid, b. 23 November 1888, Berta Karolina, b. 24 August 1886.

Little else is known about his background.

His brother Arthur Aldrich (b. 1884), a baker, had emigrated in 1909, initially to Canada aboard Empress of Britain. He later crossed into the USA the following year, working in boarding houses before establishing a baker's on Duane Street in Astoria, Clatsop County, Oregon called Finnish Home Bakery. It was Ilmari's intention of joining his brother in Astoria and to join the business.

Described as an unmarried labourer, Ilmari boarded the Titanic at Southampton having paid 561 Finnish Marks (£22, 2s) for his ticket including train journey to his destination at Astoria, Oregon. His ticket aboard Titanic was numbered 3101287 and cost £7, 18s, 6d.

Alhomäki died in the sinking and his body, if recovered, was never identified. His relatives later received £50 in assistance from a relief fund.

His brother Arthur, who in America had adopted the name Arthur Tilander, was married in 1913 to Elizabeth Pudas (1885-1970), another Finnish immigrant, and they raised two children, Helen and  Arthur Herbert. They lived in Astoria for the rest of their lives, continuing to run the bakery which is still in the hands of the family today, albeit currently on a different site. Arthur died on 28 April 1940.

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