Mr Ingvald Olai Olsen Hagland

Fisherman from Norway

Mr Ingvald Olai Olsen Hagland1 was born 8 February 1884 at Hagland farm, Skaare, Stavanger County, Norway to Ole Andreas Olsen, a farmer and fisherman b. 15 January 1857 at Avaldsnes, Norway, and Anne Martha (nee Sjursdatter; she had been born 16 August 1856 at Avaldsnes) Hagland.

Ingvald's known siblings were Severin Marselius, b. 2 December 1886 at Avaldsnes, Oskar Mandius, b. 25 February 1887 at Skaare, Janna Ellida, b. 19 November 1890 at Skaare, Knut Mathias, b. 3 April 1893 at Skaare, Edvard Kornelius, b. 18 April 1897 at Skaare, and Lina Amalie, b. 6 May 1899 at Skaare.

Ingvald emigrated to New York City around 1900 where he worked as a fisherman in New Jersey. In 1909 Ingvald returned to Skaare where he married Bertha Kristine Hagland, sister of Konrad Mathias Reiersen Hagland, who lived only a short distance away (she was, born 7 October 1894 at Skaare; they married on 20 April 1910). The couple had two children; daughter Ingrid was the oldest, having been born 5 September 1910.   

In 1912 Ingvald decided to return to America, and he was to be accompanied by his brother-in-law Konrad Hagland. Ingvald and Konrad Hagland boarded the Titanic at Southampton as third class passengers. Ingvald held ticket number 65303, which cost £6, 19s, 4d. His destination was Lauritz Reiersen in Belmer, New Jersey. The men shared a cabin with Bernt Johannessen and Daniel Grønnestad.

Hagland died in the disaster, his body, if recovered, was never identified.



  1. The name Hagland was added at some unkown point; it was the name of the farm/small farming community he lived in.

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Asbury Park Evening Press (20 April 1912) BOUND FOR BELMAR; SINK WITH TITANIC
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