Mr Jean-Noël Malachard

Msr. Noël Malachard, from Paris, France, boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg as second class passenger. He held ticket number 237735, price: £15 0s 11d.

On board of the Titanic, he shared a cabin with René Lévy and an unknown man.

In the beginning of the voyage he made the acquaintance of Mrs Marie Jerwan. After the collision, he, together with Lévy and their cabin-mate told her: "We'll take care of you.". They went to the Boat-Deck and Marie Jerwan was helped by them into lifeboat 11. The men shouted: "Good-bye!", when the boat was lowered and waved their hands. That was the last time when Malachard was seen.

Malachard died in the sinking. His body, if recovered, was never identified.

I regret to announce that M. Malachard [sic], of Messrs. Pathè Frères, was one of the passengers on board the Titanic. On enquiring at the company's offices I learned the sad news that a cable had been received from New York saying that he was among the lost. - The Bioscope 25 April 1912

Jean-Noel Malachard is remembered on a cenotaph at the Régnie-Durette Cemetery, France.



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