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John Law Hume

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Left: John Law hume
Right: His grave at Fairview Cemetery, Halifax, N.S. (© Bob Knuckle, Canada).

Mr John "Jock" Law Hume, 21, lived at 42 George Street, Dumfries.

Hume died in the sinking; his body was later recovered by the MacKay Bennett. He was buried at Fairview Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

NO. 193
Male — Height, 5 ft. 9 in.; Weight, 145 lbs
Age, about 28 Hair, Light curly; clean shaven Marks, None

CLOTHING - Light rain coat; uniform jacket with green facing and vest; purple muffler.

EFFECTS - Cigarette case; silver watch; empty purse; knife with carved pearl handle; mute; brass button with "African Royal Mail"; English lever watch.

The members of the orchestra were employed by a Liverpool firm (C.W. and F.N. Black) who had contracts with all of the steamer companies to provide musicians. Until 1912 they were paid 6 pounds and 10 shillings a month plus a monthly uniform allowance of 10 shillings. Then the rates were cut to 4 pounds a month with no uniform allowance.

On 30th April, 1912, Jock Hume's father received this short and unwelcome note from Blacks:

Dear Sir:
We shall be obliged if you will remit us the sum of 5s. 4d., which is owing to us as per enclosed statement. We shall also be obliged if you will settle the enclosed uniform account.
Yours faithfully,
C.W. & F.N. Black

The uniform account included items such as: lyre lapel insignia (2 shillings), sewing White Star buttons on tunic (1 shilling), and the total bill was 14 shillings and 7 pence.

References and Sources

Record of Bodies and Effects: Passengers and Crew, S.S. Titanic (Public Archives of Nova Scotia)

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Newspaper Articles

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Toronto Daily Star (24 April 1912) Nearer My God, To Thee, Is Musicians' Prayer
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  1. Daniel Stern

    Hi everyone, I am doing some research on John Law Hume (aka Jock Hume), violinist on the Titanic, and was wondering if anyone knew where I might find specifics out about Jock Hume's life prior to Titanic. For example, I know he played on the Anchor Line's TSS California, but I am trying to find out, if at all possible, specific dates he was on board that ship. I also am looking for any other biographical information available about him. There was a little bit of information in "Sinking of the Titanic - Eyewitness Accounts" by Jay Henry Mowbray, but not much at all. Has anyone... Read full post

  2. Jonesy

    Good day, I recently read a quite interesting book on John Law Hume who served as one of the musicians onboard RMS Titanic and perished with the ship. During the latter part of the book, it is stated that John's father later received a bill from the White Star Line requesting payment for the uniform his son had worn as it was owned by the company. The book didn't mention if the father agreed to pay that ridiculous bill. Can someone shed some light on that issue? Much appreciated.

  3. Michael McGuffin

    I would say Jock's father had bigger things on his mind at the time than covering the fees for Jock's uniform. At the time Jock's fiance (Mary) who he planned to marry upon his return was fighting Jock's father about their soon to be born daughter. They had a lengthy court battle called the "Titanic Fund Case".

  4. Ioannis Georgiou

    The bill was not from the White Star Line but from the company where the musicians were employed which was C.W. and F.N. Black from Liverpool.

  5. Arun Vajpey

    That's right. apparently, that company had just revoked the facility of paying uniform allowances to their musicians and John Hume was probably already paid that when he sailed on the Titanic. A copy of that short, terse letter is here on Jock Hume's ET bio. No condolences or even a single expression of sympathy to a father who had just lost his 21-year-old son in a... Read full post

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Titanic Passenger Summary

Name: Mr John Law Hume
Age: 21 years 8 months and 6 days (Male)
Nationality: Scottish
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Musician
Embarked: Southampton on Wednesday 10th April 1912
Ticket No. 250654
Cabin No. E
Died in the Titanic disaster (15th April 1912)
Body recovered by: Mackay-Bennett (No. 193)
Buried: Fairview Lawn Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on Wednesday 8th May 1912

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