Mr Johan Henrik Johannesson Kvillner

Johan Henrik Johannesson Kvillner

Mr Johan Henrik Johannesson Kvillner, 31, was born on 11 April 1881, the son of Elizabeth Olsson and her late husband who was a shoemaker and shopkeeper in Kville parish. Kvillner, who was engaged to Signe Kjellberg, Föreningsgatan (29) of Gothenburg, lived in Trollhättan, Västergötland, Sweden and worked as an engineer on the Trollhätte kanalverk (a hydro-electric powerstation).

Kvillner worked hard to earn money for his studies, graduated as engineer in 1907 and about the same time changed his name from Johannesson to Kviller. He got a job on Trollhätte kanalverk and was, in 1912, one of the youngest engineers on the power line building bureau. He got a government scholarship to study iron constructions in USA and travelled from Gothenburg to join Miss Charlotte Larson, 393 Forest St. Alington NJ. He boarded the Titanic at Southampton.

On the night of the sinking Kvillner was seen standing on deck with Ingvar Enander and Kurt Bryhl. They had been refused entry to a lifeboat and were watching Kurt's sister Dagmar escape the sinking Titanic in lifeboat 12.

The grave of Johan Henrik Johannesson Kvillner in Fairview Cemetery, Halifax, N.S.
Photo: © Bob Knuckle, Dundas, Canada.

Kvillner died in the sinking, his body was found (#165) and buried in Fairview in Halifax on 10 May, 1912. His belongings were sent back to Sweden.



CLOTHING - Blue suit; waterproof.

EFFECTS - Knife; comb; gold watch and chain; cigarette case (gun metal); silver name plate; gold ring engraved "Sigme" 19 11-04-09; letters; passport; number coins in purse; 10 kronor; $89.00 in notes.


After hs death the Mansion House Fund paid 1420:38 Kr (£78) on 23 January, 1913 to Kvillner's fiancé and 874:08 Kr (£48) to his mother, Elizabeth Olsson. 2918:40 Kr was paid to the mother in damages.



Johan Henrik Johanesson Kvillner : Photograph


Leif Snellman, Finland

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