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John Henry Jackopson

John Henry Jackopson was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, England on 23 June 1881. He was the son of Charles Ludwig Jackopson (1851-1896) and Sarah Ann Jackson (1844-1906). His mother was a native of Whitehaven, Cumberland but his father's origins aren't clear (he was possibly Norwegian).

John's parents were married in Liverpool in 1872 and had five children that are known of, the others being Mary Thalia (b. 1874 in Bootle), John Edward (b. 1875), Charles Joseph (b. 1877) and Cornelia Phoebe Dinah (b. 1880).

No census records can be identified as being the Jackopson family for the 1881 and 1891 returns, most likely due to inconsistencies with the surname1. John's father died in 1896 in Liverpool and by the time of the 1901 census his widowed mother Sarah is living with her married daughter Mary Thalia Gibson and her family at 40 Barlow Street, Kirkdale, Lancashire. John isn't present on this census, perhaps already at sea although it is likely he also lived at this address.

John was married in St Nicolas' Church, Liverpool on March 30, 1903 to Catherine McCabe (b. 1884 in Liverpool). By 1911 he and his wife would have four children: Thomas James (b. March 16, 1904), Charles (b. 1906), Cornelia Phoebe Dinah (b. February 19, 1908) and Catherine (b. 1910). Baby Catherine died after only a few weeks of life. John and Catherine had moved to Southampton around 1907.

By the time of the 1911 census John and his wife were living at 3 Barry's Court, Cross Street, Southampton with their three surviving children. John was listed as a ship's fireman.

When John signed on to the Titanic he gave his address as 97 Dukes Road, Bevois Valley, Southampton and his previous ship as the Highland Brae. As a fireman he could expect to earn wages of £6 per month

John Jackopson was lost in the Titanic disaster. His body, if recovered, was never identified.

His widow Catherine, who had been pregnant at the time, gave birth a few weeks later to a son who was named after his father. Sadly, the child lived only a few months. Catherine was remarried in late-1913 to Charles George Hatcher and had two more children, James and Clara. She continued to live in Southampton and died there in 1951.

John's son Thomas James was married in Southampton in 1946 to Florence Spencer but would have no children; he died in 1974 in Southampton. His son Charles married in Southampton in 1936 to Doris Glasspool Plummer and had five children. He died in 1942 in Southampton. John's daughter  Cornelia was married in Southampton  in 1927 to Robert Fuller and they had four children before her death in Southampton in 1991.


  1. Name frequently mis-spelled. John's own baptism record gives the name as Jacobson. The surname varies between Jackopson and Jacobson for his siblings in their baptismal and/or birth records. The 1901 census seems to standardise the spelling as Jackopson and on John's 1903 marriage record he gave his name as Jackopson.
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Titanic Crew Summary

Name: Mr John Henry Jackopson
Age: 30 years 9 months and 22 days (Male)
Nationality: English
Marital Status: Married to Catherine McCabe
Last Residence: at 97 Dukes Road, Bevois Valley Southampton, Hampshire, England
Occupation: Fireman
Last Ship: Highland Brae
Embarked: Southampton
Died in the Titanic disaster (15th April 1912)
Body Not Recovered

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  1. Mrs Lorna Giboin

    Mrs Lorna Giboin said:

    Mary Thalia Gibson's surname is incorrect Her married name was in fact "Giboin". Her Father was in fact Danish. This needs to be corrected and this can verified.

  2. Paul Proctor

    Paul Proctor said:

    john was my great granfather, his son charles also then worked the liners and was world marathon dancing champion in 1933 at madison square garden, then appeared in a film called "Hard to Handle" in 1934 with James Cagney where he was a marathon dancer

  3. Barrie john fuller

    Barrie john fuller said:

    mrs lorna giboin you are quite right with these facts. for instance my mother cornelia phoebe dinah fuller. nee jackopson. had 11 children six boys and five girls.considering it is more than 105 years ago they have still not got it right. last surviving son barrie john fuller.

  4. Douglas White

    Douglas White said:

    My Nan is Catherine Strudley maiden name fuller her mother and father was Cornelia and Robert, I have been trying to find a photo of John Jackopson can anyone help thank you doug

  5. Lorna Jackopson

    Lorna Jackopson said:

    Hi.. I think we may be cousins of a sort.. My father is Eddie Jackopson.. I'm guessing you re related to Ernie Dalipe.. I'm in contact with his daughter Cornelia in Belfast.. If my email comes up on this, message me

  6. Lorna Jackopson

    Lorna Jackopson said:

    Who is your father ??My Father is Eddie.. My Great grandfather was John Jackopson, Charles was my Grandfather.. You are correct in all you say .. I can give you the photo's etc .. I'm guessing you are Micheal's son?.. If so I may know someone that would love to get in contact with... Read full post

  7. Lorna Jackopson

    Lorna Jackopson said:

    I'm guessing you are related to someone called Richardson ?? If that's so can you email me.. I'm desperately trying to find info on Catherine McCabe family history

  8. Lorna Jackopson

    Lorna Jackopson said:

    Bit confused.. Highland Brae was built in 1910?? and John moved to Southampton in 1907.. I was always told that he moved to Southampton when the White Star closed in Liverpool and moved down to Southampton with it.. I was also told the he was on Olympic before Titanic.. I know the story about the coal strikes etc so presuming he took any job that he could ?? If he was an engineer on Brae how come he got so downgraded on Titanic ?? I'd also like to know if anyone has an info on a book I was told about " Norwegians on Titanic "?? or something that relates to seamen from the boiler rooms telling... Read full post

  9. Doug.white

    Doug.white said:

    Kind regards Doug

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