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  1. Mac Smith said:

    Hi. In the ET passenger list and biographies, both passengers named Joseph Elias are listed as having perished, but in Walter Lord's book "A Night To Remember," one of the is listed as having survived. Does anyone know whether one of them survived? Does anyone know what is the cause of the discrepency? Thank you for your time.

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    Arthur Merchant said:

    The Elias you referred to seems to be a member of the Elias family from Syria (A father and two teenaged sons) who all perished. In A Night to Remember, the passenger list shown was from 1912 and contained many errors. In Second Class, several women survivors and one woman victim were incorrectly given the opposite status. There were even more errors of this nature in Third Class, for some reason, particularly with the Middle Eastern contingent. In addition to the Elias' incorrect... Read full post

  3. Mac Smith said:

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question, Arthur. Mac Smith

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