Mr Joseph Murdlin

Jopseph Murdlin1, was born in Russia2.

A 22 year old chemist boarded the Titanic at Southampton as a 3rd class passenger (ticket no. A./5. 3235, £8, 1s). He was listed as a still being a citizen of Russia.

He died in the disaster. Hist body, if recovered, was never identified.


  1. According to the deaths at sea register.
  2. Name sometimes spelled Murdin or Murdlen

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  1. mrgn6csnjmdn said:

    Hello. I'm wondering if anyone has any information, or has done any research on a 3rd class passenger named Mr. Joseph Murdlin. Mr. Murdlin went down with the ship,and his body was not recovered. My last name is very similar to Mr. Murdlin's , and since there was no recovered I.D., there was presumably only a signature , when he bought the boarding ticket. Mr. Murdlin's home city was the same city that my 10th Great-grandfather came from, in 1692. Any info you have would be much appreciated. Regards, PDM

  2. DavidJon said:

    Which city was it? The passenger list just says 'Russian' - how did you find this out?

  3. jerrysmith said:

    Who was Mr. Joseph Murdlin

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