Jovan Dimić

Mr Jovan Dimić, 42, a married farmer from Ostrovica, Croatia1, boarded the Titanic at Southampton.

To reach his destination of Red Lodge, Montana, he bought his third class ticket from the agent: Johann Isidor Büchel, Buchs for 170 Swiss francs (ticket number 315088, £8 13s 3d).

Jovan Dimić died in the sinking. His body, if recovered, was never identified.

His widow Stana Dimić and their two children, in Ostrvica received £120 from the Titanic relief fund.


  1. Where exactly he was from seems to be uncertain – the list has it as “Ostr(o)vica” – there seems to have been confusion in 1912, the problem is, that two places exist, with or without the “o”.) - GB

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Günter Bäbler, Switzerland

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