Master Karl Thorsten Skoog

Master Karl Thorsten Skoog was born in Iron Mountain, Michigan on 13 July 1900.

He was the eldest child of Wilhelm Johansson Skoog (b. 1872), a mine engineer, and Anna Bernhardina Karlsson (b. 1866), both Swedish immigrants hailing from Skaraborg who had emigrated to the USA shortly after their marriage in 1898. He had three siblings: Mabel (b. 1902), Harald (b. 1906) and Margit Elizabeth (b. 1910). The family appear on the 1910 census living in Mountain City, Michigan and his father was described as a miner and he worked at the Pewabic Mine as an engineer

At age seven, young Karl was involved in a railroad accident near his father's mine. A carriage severed his left leg and the toes on his right foot were later amputated, damaged beyond repair and he used crutches for mobility.

The family decided to return to Sweden around November 1911 which they did but soon regretted the move and made plans to return to America. Having travelled via Stockholm, Göteborg and Hull, the family boarded the Titanic at Southampton on 10 April 1912 as third class passengers (ticket number 347088 which cost £27, 18s). Travelling with them were two relatives, Elin Pettersson and Jenny Henriksson, who they had persuaded to join them.

How young Karl coped on the night of the sinking on crowded, sloping decks will remain unknown. Karl, along with the rest of his family, were lost and their bodies were never recovered.


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  1. Laura Melinda Varjo said:

    Just one quick question-I'm not sure about this-were the Skoogs on deck, all the way up, at Titanic's final moments ? Because I know their relatives Jenny and Ellen were, or Jenny, at least, because her body was recovered. Is there any mention of them from survivors ? Thanks, Laura.

  2. Christian J Cody said:

    It is very unlikely that the Skoog Family made it to the deck in time to board a lifeboat. Their eldest son, 11-year-old Karl, was on crutches and had a hard time getting up the slanting stairs, and his parents had their hands full with the other three children; Mabel, Harald, and Margit, ages 9, 5, and 2. I once saw a family portrait of the Skoogs taken just before Margit was born, and Karl's Accident.

  3. Laura Melinda Varjo said:

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I was just a writing a story about the family for my niece Luca, and that's why I've asked. But, I wrote it as they were trapped in the gangways and never survived. Oh I have that pic of the family, it's in Judith Geller's Women and Children First, on the very last page for the Titanic passengers. Where did you see their picture ? Because I have looked in almost EVERY Titanic documentary film, but never identified them. But,when I received the book two years ago, I nearly flipped out I was so happy I saw the family photo, and of the Anderssons...too bad then 7... Read full post

  4. Michael Ridge said:

    Hello Does anyone know the Skoog family cabin number? If not does anyone know what deck/section of Titanic they were on? Mike

  5. Bob Godfrey said:

    Very few cabin numbers are known for 3rd Class passengers, especially those who did not survive. The Skoogs would have been located in one of the aft sections of the ship along with other families in 3rd Class. They might have had a 6-berth cabin, but I think it more likely that they occupied a 4-berth, with the four children sharing 2 berths. That was expected where half-fare had been paid for children, and the total cost of the Skoog's ticket suggests that 4 berths had been paid for. There were 4-berth cabins in the 3rd Class sections aft on E, F and G decks. These decks also had... Read full post

  6. Hildur Panula-Heinonen said:

    i was woundering what happened to Karl.

  7. Debora Skoog said:

    Re: Hello!I am Debora Skoog...a family member of Wilhelm Skoog.I know that my Grandfather lost family on the Titanic and I am now trying to help the family here in Canada piece more information together.My Grandpa and Grandma Skoog have died and we have no way of getting more information as we have lost contact with the family in Sweden.We would love to hear from anyone that could reconnect us or even give us clarification on the relation to the family on the Titanic.My grandfathers name was Otto Skoog his sister in Sweden was Regina and... Read full post

  8. Melinda Laura Varju said:

    Hi everyone. I left my Titanic: Women & Children First book at home (I'm at BYU) so I need a picture of the Skoog family. I have it my book. I've looked everywhere online, but couldn't find them. Can someone please post it possibly on this thread? Or e-mail it to me? I have the one where 3 of the Skoog children-Karl, Mabel, and Harald are on it with thier parents. Thanks so much.

  9. Melinda Laura Varju said:

    He died. Just kidding, well I think it was one frantic of a time for the Skoog family at the sinking. I think Karl had it really bad, the poor little boy. It makes me sick when I think of him dying being overlapped by water on crutches and then drowning. That goes for all of the little children, poor little ones. And we had these children falling, sliding, drowning, what kind of a hell they went through that night. I'm feeling extremely peaceful when I know that they are resting now and are peacful.

  10. Hildur Panula-Heinonen said:

    i think it's sick to think of how these people died on Titanic, Lusitania, Empress of Ireland and all the other shipwrecks, when they are stuck below deck, and the ship has already sunk.They all know they are about to die, and they have to watch their own deaths and the deaths of their loved ones as the water rises and overtakes them. That's horrible and it happens alot because it takes a while for the entire ship to be filled with water, and many people just have to watch the water pour in around their ankles and wait for death to greet them.

  11. misti skoog said:

    hi all. i was wondering if anyone had some information on the skoog family that was on the titanic? i was told at my mothers funeral that we are related to them somehow (before this, i didn't even know there were any on the titanic). and i would like to be able to prove this information and use it to help my brothers and i figure out our genealogy. any information at all would help. if they had any brothers and sisters. cousins names. anything at all that would help us 3 kids to kinda find ourselves. thanks all!!

  12. Holly Peterson said:

    The Skoog family consisted of: Wilhelm Skoog, 40 born April 6th 1872; he was the son of Anders Johansson Anna Bernhardina Skoog, 44, born Friday 13th November 1868 Karl Thorsten Skoog, 11, born Friday 13th July 1900 Harald Skoog, 5, — b Wednesday 22nd August 1906 Mabel Skoog, 9, — b Tuesday 22nd July 1902 Margit Elizabeth Skoog, 2, — b Thursday April 15th 1910 Wilhelm Skoog and his family, from Hallekis, Sweden, travelled to the upper Peninsula of Michigan in the late 1800s to work at the Pewabic copper Mine in Iron Mountain. Between 1900 and 1910 the family had four... Read full post

  13. avatar

    Loree Collins said:

    Hello from Tucson--Iam just starting research on the Skoog family as I believe I have a large photo of Mabel and Margit Skoog. Don't ask how amazingly it ended up in Tucson,Arizona and my hands!! Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Loree

  14. avatar

    Michael H. Standart said:

    >>Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  15. Hildur Panula-Heinonen said:

    Ioree, if you could post the picture, i would be very grateful, or could you e-mail it, if you are able? Here is my address: I wish very much to have a face to these names, Hildur Panula-Heinonen

  16. avatar

    Loree Collins said:

    Hello from Tucson-- In regard to my previous message I was hoping someone out there perhaps had more photos of the Skoog girls that I might compare or some information or connection to the family while they lived in Iron Mountain Michigan. The photo was purchased in an antique shop so there is no way to track any farther. Loree Collins

  17. Hildur Panula-Heinonen said:

    Loree, have you heard of image-aging? It is a process of examing the finer details in photos to determine when the photo was taken. Hair styles, dress styles, dress prints, shoes, etc..can narrow done when the pic was taken.

  18. Hildur Panula-Heinonen said:

    I have found this picture of the Skoog family with their two youngest, Harold and Mabel, taken around 1905

  19. Hildur Panula-Heinonen said:

    Alright i have LOCATED a photo of Harald Skoog taken around the time of the sinking on this excellent site. Click on "passengers", there are many small stories and photos, and to see Harald's, scroll down about three quarters to find it:

  20. Holly Peterson said:

    That's actually Karl, but whatever. The photo on that site is part of a larger one that shows the entire Skoog family (except Margit) around 1910, which can be found in Women and Children First.

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