Leonard Mark Hickman

Leonard Mark Hickman

Mr Leonard Mark Hickman, 24, from Fritham, Hampshire, England Leonard emigrated to Neepawa, Manitoba, in 1908, and had done well for himself working at nearby Eden as a farmhand for a wealthy mixed-grain farmer, Harold Honeyman.

Leonard went home to Fritham for Christmas in 1911 and persuaded the entire Hickman family of eleven to emigrate to Canada. Because of the coal strike, alternative passage was found for only three of the bothers - Leonard, Lewis and Stanley. They travelled with four companions from Fritham, Percy Deacon, Ambrose Hood, Charlie Davies and William Dibden on a single ticket number 14879 which cost £72 10s. They boarded the Titanic at Southampton as second class passengers.

Leonard Mark Hickman died in the sinking.

When body no. 256 was recovered by the Mackay Bennett, it was initsally identified as Leonard Hickman owing to the presence of a membership card for the Independent Order of Forresters.  

The Forresters arranged for the body to be taken to Neepawa for burial but on arrival it was discovered that the casket containe dthe body not of Leonard Hickman but his brother Lewis.


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Portsmouth Evening News (26 April 1912) Items of interest


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Cecil Pittman, Neepawa.
Alan Hustak, Canada
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