Helen Loraine Allison

Miss Helen Loraine Allison, 2, was born June 5, 1909. She was travelling with her father Hudson Allison, her mother Bess and brother Trevor .

After the collision Trevor went missing with his nurse Alice Cleaver . When the Allisons realized that Alice Cleaver and baby Trevor were unaccounted for, they resolved that they would not leave the Titanic until after Trevor was found, nor would they be parted from little Loraine, they were last seen standing together, smiling, on the promenade deck.

Loraine Allison was the only child in first and second class to die (53 of 76 children in third-class perished). Her body was never found.

Newspaper Articles

Toronto Daily Star The Allisons
Unidentified Newspaper PERISHES WITH BABE
Milwaukee Journal (17 April 1912) MILWAUKEE GIRL LOST
Former High School Girl, Not on Titanic's Rescued List
Milwaukee Journal (19 April 1912) BABY ONLY ONE LEFT OF ALLISON FAMILY
Mr. and Mrs. Allison and Young Daughter Go Down with 1,000 Others on Titanic
Chicago Daily Tribune (20 April 1912) She would not leave her husband and went down with Titanic.
Chooses To Die With Husband
Milwaukee Journal (4 September 1940) Victim of Titanic Disaster, Believed Lost, May Be Alive
Milwaukee Journal (6 September 1940) Clue to Titanic Survivor Rouses Kin, Friends Here


152 Abbey Road
Allison Family Home in Chesterville, Ontario, Canada
Loraine and Trevor Allison
Mrs Allison with Loraine and Trevor

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1911 Census - Allison Family
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