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Lucy Violet Snape

Lucy Violet Snape
Lucy Violet Snape

Mrs Lawrence Edward Snape was born as Lucy Violet Lennard in Farnham, Surrey, England in March/April 1890 and was baptised in St Andrew's Church, Farnham on 2 May that same year.

She was the eldest child of Edward James Lennard (1864-1928) and Elizabeth Jane Adelaide Caeser (1864-1935). Her father, a domestic groom, hailed from Ospringe, Kent and was for many years in the employ of Frederick Stanley, the 16th Earl of Derby. Her mother was native to Farnham, Surrey and she and Lennard were married on 5 January 1889, giving rise to nine children.

Lucy's siblings were: Bertha Elizabeth (1892-1968, later Mrs Johannes Beezem), Lilian Mildred (b. 1893), Isabel Phyllis (1895-1898), Gladys Maggie (1897-1970, later Mrs William Belsham), Edward Caeser (1899-1965), Robert Caeser (1902-1954), Ellen Ruth A. (1905-1983, later Mrs Arthur Muddiman) and Adrian Caeser (1910-1963).

She appears on the 1891 census as a one-year-old infant living with her parents at The Sands in Seale, Surrey. The family relocated from Seale to Witley, Surrey around 1895 and they appeared there on the 1901 census living in Birtley (?) Cottages. Another upheaval saw the family moving to Hildenborough, Kent around 1905 before resettling in Tonbridge, Kent; they appeared on the 1911 census residing at Cataract Cottage, Horns Lodge in Tonbridge.

Lucy was absent from the family home by the time of the 1911 census; she had married at the Tonbridge register office on 7 September 1909 to Lawrence Edward Snape (b. 1867). Snape, a native of Lowther, Westmorland was the illegitimate son of Isabella Snape (b. 1833); spending his early years in Whitehaven, Cumberland he apparently went to sea at a young age and on 9 June 1888 he qualified as second mate. The following year, on 6 August 1889, he qualified as first mate before rising to the rank of master on 10 January 1890.

Lucy and Lawrence welcomed a daughter on 18 June 1910; born at The Flying Dutchman Inn in Hildenborough, Kent she was named Margaret Isabel Snape. Lawrence's work took the family to Singapore and they lived at 76 Kings Road in Singapore City. In July 1911 he started on a voyage when he fell ill with dysentery, later dying in a hospital in Yunnan, China. The young widow Lucy and her infant daughter returned to England in December 1911 and they took up residence with Lucy's parents at Well Lane, Sandhills, Witley, Surrey. Her father was by then in the employ of Joseph King, a Member of Parliament for the Liberal Party. King used his influence to find Lucy employment to support she and her daughter; her first engagement arranged was as a stewardess aboard Titanic.

When she signed on to the Titanic on 6 April 1912, Mrs Snape gave her address as Well Lane, Witley, Surrey and indicated that this was her first working voyage. As a second class stewardess she could expect to earn monthly wages of £3.

The Daily Sketch (30 April 1912) reported the experiences of two surviving stewardesses, Mrs Gold and Mrs Martin as follows:

"The stewardess-matron, Mrs Wallis, refused to leave her room. Her remark was "I am not going on deck; I am going back where I am safe." Another one who refused to move was a second-cabin stewardess, Mrs Snape, a widow, 21 years of age with a little girl. As she fastened the lifebelts on her passengers she wished them good-bye. Later she told some of the stewardesses that she did not expect to see them again."

Mrs Snape died in the sinking and her body, if recovered, was never identified. Her estate, settled on 11 October 1912, totalled £234, 14s, 2d and was administered to her father. Her daughter Margaret benefitted from the Titanic Relief Fund as a class C dependent.

Lucy's daughter Margaret came under the guardianship of her grandparents. She was married in London in 1934, becoming Mrs John William McDougall (1908-1938). She had no children and was widowed at an early age. She died in Warwickshire, England on 25 January 1996.


Interestingly Lucy Violet SNAPE and Catherine Jane WALLIS signed-on at the same time!

11 October 1912 - Letters Of Administration with the Will were granted by His Majesty's High Court of Justice at the Principal Probate Registry to Edward James LENNARD. Gross value of the Estate = �234-14s-2d.

22 December 1934 - Lucy Violet SNAPE's only daughter, Margaret Isabel SNAPE, married at the age of 24 to John William McDougall, aged 26, at The Parish Church of St Margaret's, Streatham Hill, London, England. Her husband died a few years later. They had no children and she herself died 25 January

Titanic Crew Summary

Name: Mrs Lucy Violet Snape (née Lennard)
Nationality: English
Marital Status: Widowed
Last Residence: in Witley, Surrey, England
Occupation: Stewardess
Embarked: Southampton
Died in the Titanic disaster (15th April 1912)
Body Not Recovered

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Newspaper Articles

Surrey Advertiser and County Times (20 April 1912) Two Witley Victims


Lucy Violet SNAPE (formerly LENNARD)
Photographic portrait of Titanic stewardess Lucy Violet Snape
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  1. avatar

    Brian J. Ticehurst said:

    Delia, Actually her adress is wrong in fact she lived in a house called ''Sandown'' Hill Lane, Shirley, Southampton. The house still stands today and is located near the central Station, Southampton, which in 1912 was called Southampton West. As you will see from below Lucy had a very short and very sad life. Here is my printout on her: Snape, Lucy Violet, Mrs. Lived at Sandown, Hill Lane, Shirley, Southampton. Occupation - Stewardess. 22 years old. (Born in Hampshire). (From: Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund Booklet, March 1913) Number Snape, Margaret Isobel, child. Class C... Read full post

  2. Delia Mahoney said:

    Thanks a lot, Brian

  3. Delia Mahoney said:

    Did any survivor whenever mention about Lucy? Titanic was her first ship so perhaps she lost her way in the big liner and died in the sinking. I suppose that she was informed about collision with the iceberg. I wonder was she be a friend with other stewardess from second class. All the best, Delia

  4. Bob Godfrey said:

    Delia, I've often wondered myself why the two stewardesses in 2nd Class (Lucy Snape and Katherine Walsh) both died, while the 16 ladies who served in 1st Class (along with the restaurant cashiers and Turkish bath attendants) all found their way into lifeboats without difficulty. As far as I know there are no accounts which shed any light, in which case we can only speculate. One account does mention Lucy busy assisting passengers with their lifebelts. Since there were only two stewardesses to help and advise a lot of passengers in 2nd Class, perhaps their responsibilities left them with... Read full post

  5. avatar

    Arthur Merchant said:

    I would concur that a duty to some of their passengers probably contributed to Snape and Walsh not saving themselves. While some First Class stewardesses needed strong persuasion to board lifeboats, their decisions were likely made easier once it became evident the vast majority of 1st Class women and children had escaped and the stewardesses finally felt free to follow suit. As an aside, I'm curious if any of the surviving stewardesses tried to continue thier duties with the First Class survivors once on the Carpathia, though by then they were probably kept separate from First Class... Read full post

  6. Bob Godfrey said:

    Quite possible, Arthur. I've been having a few more thoughts about this myself, after looking again at some of the newspaper accounts. The 'Daily Sketch' on 30 April 1912 reported an interview with 1st class stewardesses Gold and Martin, which included the following: The stewardess-matron, Mrs Wallis, refused to leave her room. Her remark was "I am not going on deck; I am going back where I am safe." Another one who refused to move was a second-cabin stewardess, Mrs Snape, a widow, 21 years of age with a little girl. As she fastened the lifebelts on her passengers she wished them good-bye.... Read full post

  7. Randy Bryan Bigham said:

    Hi, Arthur: Good to see you, as always. You wrote: "...As an aside, I'm curious if any of the surviving stewardesses tried to continue thier duties with the First Class survivors once on the Carpathia, though by then they were probably kept separate from First Class along with steerage..." Apart from your example of Steward Ray assisting the Dodges, I have a letter from Lucy Duff Gordon to her sister in which she mentions her stewardess (whose name has not yet been established) approaching her on deck as Carpathia entered New York Harbor. They spoke briefly but poignantly. Her... Read full post

  8. Richard Adkins said:

    Hi Bob, Lucy Violet SNAPE (formerly LENNARD) Regarding your 'Daily Sketch' quote (Posted on Saturday, 31 July, 2004 - 6:50 pm), can we assume then that Lucy Violet SNAPE's little daughter (Margaret Isabel SNAPE b. 18 Jun 1910) died with her mother in this tragedy ? Hi all, Further to the message at... https://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/cgi-bin/discus/show.cgi?tpc=5695&post=102424#POST102424 which implies a photograph of Lucy Violet SNAPE exists somewhere, does anybody know where ? Richard (distant relative of Lucy Violet SNAPE)

  9. Bob Godfrey said:

    Hallo, Richard. After Lucy was widowed she and her daughter moved in with Lucy's parents. So, while Lucy was away at sea, Margaret was safe in the care of her grandparents. No doubt they continued to care for the child after her mother's death on Titanic. I don't know of any photograph of Lucy other than the one which can be seen on her biography page here at ET.

  10. Richard Adkins said:

    Hi Bob, Thanks for your quick response. A couple of follow-on questions: a) what is the source of your data regards "Margaret was safe in the care of her grandparents". The Daily Sketch report seems to imply little Margaret was onboard with her mother. b) I note from the Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund entry at link.. reference to little Margaret Isobel SNAPE. Since I'm very new to ET having joined just this morning, do you have a view on what can be... Read full post

  11. Bob Godfrey said:

    Richard, the news report mentions that Lucy had a child, but obviously the child wasn't with her - she was working as a crew member, not travelling as a passenger. The Relief Fund note shows that Margaret was listed as a person who relied on the income of a victim, and therefore qualified for regular financial support from the fund - generally paid weekly - until she was old enough to support herself. Also confirms that she was not herself a victim, in case you still have any doubts about that. :-) The photo is on the full biography page. What you have seen so far is probably Lucy's... Read full post

  12. Graeme Sheffield said:

    My grandmother, Gladys Maggie Lennard, was Lucy Violet Snape's younger sister, and the family resided in Cataract Cottage in Tonbridge, which was built and owned by Lord Derby. I can confirm that her daughter did indeed survive her, and was brought up by Captain Snape's family. Upon Lord Derby's death, Mr. Lennard was retained by his estate to assist in disposal of his Lordship's assets. There exist within the family, numerous photographs of Lucy Violet, both as a child, and as a young woman, along with Margaret,her daughter. Unfortunately, I do not have direct access to these as they are in... Read full post

  13. Anne N. said:

    How horrifying it must have been for her to realize she would never see her girl grow up. Maybe she thought her duty was to her passengers, and she knew her girl would be all right. We'll never know.

  14. Kevin Tischer said:

    If I am not mistaken I do believe there are accounts of Thomas Andrews telling a 2nd class stewardess to don her lifebelt and set a good example. With which the stewardess replied that she didn't want to frighten the passengers. Perhaps that stewardess was Lucy?

  15. Bob Godfrey said:

    That conversation appears in most of the Titanic movies with a variety of real and fictional stewardesses involved, but it originates in the testimony of 1st Class stewardess Annie Robinson at the British Inquiry: Looking at the first page of this thread I see a couple of errors (both mine!) in posts made ten years ago which need to be... Read full post

  16. v-eros said:

    Sorry to resurrect such an old thread but I was curious if anyone knew the identity of the little girl listed only as being seen with her.... Read full post

  17. Ioannis Georgiou said:

    The little child was her daughter Margaret Isabel Snape. The newspaper report only gave the information that Mrs. Snape is widowed, 21 years old and had a little child (which was not on board of course). No mention that she was seen with a little child on Titanic.

  18. Jane Moscrop said:

    Hi, I have just found this forum after finding out that Lucy Snape (nee Lennard) is my 4th cousin 3x removed. I have seen numerous comments regarding her young daughter Margaret. I can conform that she lived to be a ripe old age of 85. The information I have to hand is below .... Margaret Isabel SNAPE Your 5th cousin 2x removed Birth 18 Jun 1910 in Hildenborough, Tonbridge, July-Sept, Kent, England, vol 2a, page 844. Death 25 Jan 1996 in Warwick Hospital, Warwickshire, England. reg B30B, dist 7751B, entry 100, aged 85.

  19. avatar

    Charles said:

    In the film, it was Lucy, but for some reason, in the film, she was a first class stewardess

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