Martin William Golder

Mr Martin William Golder (Fireman) was born in Hereford, England on 9 June 1876. Little else is known about his early years.

He first joined the Royal Navy on 29 August 1895, serving aboard Pembroke II as a stoker. His years of service saw him serving aboard a variety of other ships, including: Wildfire, Hood, Argonaut, Blenheim and Bonaventine, among others. Golder's last Naval duty was aboard the ship he commenced his service upon, Pembrokeshire before he was discharged on 29 August 1907. Although his conduct was generally described as very good, he is shown to have had several spells in the cells for insubordination. Physically, he stood tall at 5' 11½, with brown hair, light blue eyes and a fresh complexion.

When he signed on to the Titanic on, on 6 April 1912, he gave his age as 32 and local address as 18 Lansdown Road, Southampton. His previous ship had been the Oceanic and as a fireman he could expect monthly wages of £6.

Golder died in the sinking and his body, if recovered, was never identified. His mother Marian later received assistance from the Titanic Relief Fund. 

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