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Manuel Ramirez Uruchurtu

Manuel Ramirez Uruchurtu
Manuel Ramirez Uruchurtu

Manuel Uruchurtu Ramirez was born 27th June 1872 in Hermosillo, state of Sonora, Mexico the son of Cap Mateo Uruchurtu Días and Mercedes Remirez Estrella.  He was baptized on 1st August 1872 at the Asunción Cathedral of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

Uruchurtu came from a well to do Mexican family. As a young man he travelled to Mexico City to study law in what today is the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and married a fellow student Miss Gertrudis Caraza y Landero, a Mexican lady of high social standing, and they had 7 children.

He settled in Mexico City with his family and started a law practice. By the time of the Porfiriato (the Dictatorship of President Porfirio Díaz) Don Manuel was a well established figure in the national, cultural and political scene. At the time of the revolution (1910) however, Don Manuel Uruchurtu was in a less than favourable personal situation since his financial status immediately put him amongst the "catrines", i.e. wealthy people with very well defined alliances with the former establishment. In 1911, Don Porfirio Díaz was exiled to France along many other former government officials on board the German liner Ypiranga. In mid-Febrary 1912, Don Manuel, now a man of 40 years of age, decided to go to France and visit his former closest friend General Ramón Corral who was a very distinguished military strategist to Don Porfirio. Manuel, after meeting with Don Ramón and probably also with Don Porfirio himself, decided that it was time to return home to his wife.

Guillermo Obregón, the son-in-law of Corral, wanted also to return to Mexico and had therefore booked a passage on the Titanic. Uruchurtu himself had booked on the France. Obregón persuaded Uruchurtu to exchange their tickets. Don Manuel got ticket No. PC 17601 (price: £27 14 s 5 d). This happened in the beginning of April in his last residence, the Grand Hotel in Paris.*

Uruchurtu boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg. He travelled alone. On April 10th he sent a postcard to his mother in Hermosillo. He wrote that the postcard shows the ship in which he travels. And he will visit her when he's back to Mexico, and he will recount the voyage.**

On the night of the sinking it is said that he had the opportunity to take a seat in lifeboat 11 but that, as the boat was about to be lowered, he noticed an English lady of the Second Class standing by the bulwark. She pleaded to be let into the boat, because her husband and little child were awaiting her. He stood up and offered his place to her, only asking her to visit his wife at Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico.

Uruchurtu died in the sinking. His body, if recovered, was never identified.


* Alejandro Gárate Uruchurtu writes that Uruchrtu sates in two letters, one adressed to his wife (Gertrudis Caraza) dated MARCH 26, 1912 and sent from Paris, France, and the other one adressed to his brother in law (Luis Caraza) dated MARCH 30, 1912 and sent from Madrid, Spain, that is was his intention to sail on the Titanic

** His last known communication was a telegraph message adressed to his brother Remigio Uruchurtu dated APRIL 10, 1912 and sent from Cherbourg, France, which reads "EMBARCOME" (going on board).

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Alejandro Gárate Uruchurtu A MEXICAN ON TITANIC
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  1. mike disch

    mike disch

    Besides the bio info already on this site, I'm seeking any info on - 1st Class Mexican passenger who gave up his lifeboat seat and perished. He will soon be represented by another "Historical Performer" here at the L.A. Titanica exhibit and, as always, we wish to be as authentic as possible. Thanks to all the mavens.

  2. Fumiko Nobuoka

    I was at the Titanic Exhibit here in Mexico City and was surprised to hear about a Mexican on board. According to the exhibit, he apparently died because he gave up his seat to one Elizabeth Randall Nye. Is there any information on this particular passenger? I wrote down his name somewhere but his last name was particularly difficult, even for me. I was curious and wanted to make this a personal project and do some research here. I've done a similar post in another part of this board so any info you may have would be of great help. Thanks!

  3. gabino noval

    He was a mexican politician, very close friend of Ramon Corral, who was vicepresident of Mexico, during a period of the Porfirio Diaz regime, the dictatorship that lasted more than 30 years, exiled in Paris in 1910. Manuel Uruchurtu went to France to visit Ramon Corral and probably Diaz himself, boarded the Titanic on Cherbourg because a relative of Ramon Corral also wanted to return to Mexico and traded Uruchurt''s ticket of a boat called "France" or "Paris" for one of the Titanic, he was on that time, an active member of the mexican congress, a deputy. He gave up the seat that corresponded... Read full post

  4. Alejando Gárate Uruchurtu

    MANUEL URUCHURTU RAMIREZ was my grand uncle (younger brother of my grand father Gustavo) and I have study his life and the Titanic for the last 30 years I wish to share some details of his life * Born in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico on June 27, 1872 * He was the ninth son (of ten) of MATEO URUCHURTU DIAS and MERCEDES RAMIREZ ESTRELLA * Married to GERTRUDIS CARAZA Y LANDERO and the had seven kids: two daughters AMPARO and DOLORES and five boys MANUEL, EDUARDO, ARMANDO, LEON and JOSELIN * He was a Military, Civil and International lawyer, wrote various books, he had the rank of... Read full post

  5. Mike Poirier

    He took the Lusitania to England in March 1912

  6. Alejando Gárate Uruchurtu

    Dear Gabino Hoping that you still review this magnificent history site, I just want to make some observations about Mrs Ramell Nye a)Born on May 27, 1882 in Folkestone, Kent, England b)She got MARRIED, December 26, 1904 with EDWARD ERNEST NYE c)The had a SON, Maisie, who died in 1906 at the age of nine months d)Between 1911 to 1912 she travel to England to visit her parents e)In April, 1912, she was going to go back to the US on the Philadelphia steam ship but she was transferred to the Titanic due to the coal strike in Britain f)Edward Ernest Nye PASSED AWAY ON MAY 22,... Read full post

  7. Mark Baber

    Hello, Alejandro--- Please note that gambino noval's message is almost three years old and he has not visited this board since then. He's not likely to see or respond to your message.

  8. Alejando Gárate Uruchurtu

    Please let me tell you some brief things about myself regarding MANUEL R URUCHURTU As I said in my previous post (April 20, 2011) Manuel was a younger brother of my grand father (Gustavo) for which it makes a DIRECT FAMILY LINK as my grand uncle I being researching and studying his life and the Titanic for the last 30 years I am also member of the Titanic Historical Society at Southamton, England I have a large documentation about Manuel's life In May of 2001, I published an essay (in spanish and translated to english when it was up loaded to the internet) titled... Read full post

  9. Alejando Gárate Uruchurtu

    Dear Mark I notice that fact and that is why I began using the word "hoping" The comment (observation) IS NOT ONLY FOR HIM IS FOR ALL OUR MEMBERS AND FRIENDS By the way, I have various documents and photos that I would like to share I being trying to up load them but I must be doing some thing wrong because I have not being able to post them I have read the instructions to do it but, since english is NOT my native language, some words are confuse to me Is there a form that I could get some instructions about it in spanish? Best Regards

  10. Mark Baber

    Not that I know of, Alejandro.

  11. Alejando Gárate Uruchurtu

    Thank you Mark It would be OK if I use Google translator?

  12. Mark Baber

    Fine by me, but my experience with online translators is that they produce unintelligible results at times.

  13. Alejando Gárate Uruchurtu

    You are right Mark and specially when technical words are use I will ask for the help of a good friend that is an expert with computers Best Regards

  14. Alejando Gárate Uruchurtu

    Dear Michael (Poirier) and all our distinguished members Thank so much for the information regarding Manuel R Uruchurtu and the Lusitania To complete your information I let you know, and also to all our members, that according to my research and the information found at the Civil Registration Department (it's the Mexico City Government Office that registers all birth, death, marriage, divorce, etc, certificates since 1857), in his DEATH CERTIFICATE is the following: "HE DEPART FROM MEXICO TO EUROPE ON FEBRUARY 20, 1912" This was declare by the widow (Gertrudis Caraza Vda de... Read full post

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Titanic Passenger Summary

Name: Mr Manuel Ramirez Uruchurtu
Age: 39 years 9 months and 18 days (Male)
Nationality: Mexican
Marital Status: Married to Gertrudis Caraza y Landero
Last Residence: in Mexico City, Mexico
Occupation: Lawyer
Embarked: Cherbourg on Wednesday 10th April 1912
Ticket No. 17601, £27 14s 5d
Died in the Titanic disaster (15th April 1912)
Body Not Identified

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