Miss Mari Aina Jussila

Miss Aina Maria Jussila, 21, the daughter of Ilkka and Sofia Jussila, was a single woman from Paavola, Oulu, Finland. She boarded the Titanic at Southampton with her sister Katriina. They were travelling from Paavola to visit an uncle who had a Finnish employment agency in New York.

Both women died in the sinking, their bodies were never found. Ilkka and Sofia Jussila received £75 in compensation for the loss of both daughters plus £10 from the Daily Telegraph fund (UK).

Red Cross Fund No. 226. (Finnish) Two sisters, 22 and 18 years old, were drowned, while coming to take positions here at domestic service. Their parents and six younger brothers and sisters were dependent, in part, upon their earnings. They had with them 670 Finnish marks and clothing valued at 450 Finnish marks, all of which was lost. An aunt paid for their passage, amounting to $99.50. She is in poor circumstances and had expected that this money would be refunded to her. The appropriation of this Committee was, with the approval of this aunt, not given to her but sent to the parents in Finland to relieve their immediate distress. The English Committee, later, gave to the family £110. ($100)

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Claes-Göran Wetterholm (1988, 1996, 1999) Titanic. Prisma, Stockholm. ISBN 91 518 3644 0
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  1. Lena Elphick said:

    I'm writing a book of my mother's memoirs and she remembers Sofia and Ilkka Jussila who lived in Paavola Finland. My mother was told to be respectful of the elderly couple as they had lost their daughters so tragically. My mother, Anni Aino Liisa (Väyrynen) remembers being invited to visit the home of Sofia and Sofia would offer her pulla which is a favourite sweet bread in Finland. My mother told me that Sofia thought that my mother reminded her of her daughters. My elderly mother still has a strong connection to the country of her birth. Having migrated to Australia in 1969, she has... Read full post

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