Mr Martin Ponesell

Martin Ponesell, 34, boarded the Titanic at Southampton with ticket number 250647 (the ticket follows that of Hans Kristensen Givard) he was travelling to New York. Although he is listed as Danish there is some doubt as to whether Ponesell was actually from Denmark.

He travelled with Hans Givard and Einer Windeløv.

He died in the sinking, his body, if recovered, was never identified.


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  1. Mette McCall said:

    In writing our book about the Danish passengers aboard Titanic, Martin Ponesell has long been troubling us..His last name is not Danish (could be a misspelling of Poulsen) and there's absolutely no trace of him in Denmark. And not a single Ponesell is listed in the Danish phone directories. He is the only other passenger aside from Marius Petersen - whom we've established did not sail - whose family does not apply for relief funds. We have a theory that his nationality could have been incorrectly noted down as he bought his ticket right after Hans Givard Christensen: 250646 Givard Denmark... Read full post

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Klaus Egvang, Denmark
Leif Snellman, Finland

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