Mr Patrick Shaughnessy

Mr Patrick Shaughnessy was born in Tynagh, Co Galway, Ireland on 10 May 1886.1

He was the son of Patrick Shaughnessy (b. circa 1825), a farmer and horse dealer, and Ellen Donelan (b. circa 1847). His father died before he was born when a bout of pneumonia hastened his demise on 20 December 1885. 

He had seven known siblings: Thomas (b. 3 December 1870), Michael (b. 12 September 1872), John (b. 3 October 1874), Patrick (b. 15 January 1877), William (b. 28 December 1878), Mary (b. 15 June 1881)2 and Bridget (b. 10 September 1883).

The 1901 census shows Patrick and his family living at house 9 in Tynagh and he was still a schoolboy at that stage. The family would be listed in the same locale at the time of the 1911 census, then house 14, and Patrick was described as an unmarried farm labourer under his brother Thomas. Like his father before him, he also traded horses. 

Originally booked to travel aboard Cymric, the coal strikes forced his booking to the Titanic. He was intending to journey to New York where his sister Bridget lived and he boarded the Titanic at Queenstown on 11 April 1912 as a third class passenger (ticket number 370374 which cost £7, 15s). His destination address was recorded as 1509 Lexington Avenue, New York.

Patrick Shaughnessy died in the sinking and his body, if recovered, was never identified.

His mother remained in Tynagh where she died on 1 December 1927 aged 80. His brother Thomas also remained in Tynagh where he married an Anna Quinn and raised a family, one of his sons being named Patrick (b. 19 February 1900). He died on 18 September 1956 aged 85 and was buried in the village, with Patrick's loss on Titanic being commemorated on his headstone.


  1. The ship's manifest records his age as 20 whilst many lists give his age as 28. He appears on the 1901 census as a 15-year old and on the 1911 census as a 24 year-old.
  2. Mary died from diarrhoea on 10 May 1888 aged 6.

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  1. Maura Duggan said:

    There are inaccuracies in this account. His brother Thomas married Delia Garvey not Anna Quinn. The latter married a cousin. He was travelling to his brother William not to his sister Bridget

  2. Ann Burke said:

    This is fascinating. I’m not sure about the accuracy re:!who Thomas married; however, Patrick was going to NYC to live with his sister Bridget (who always went by the name Delia) she was my grandmother and was living on Lexington Ave at the address noted above.

  3. marian shaughnessy said:

    Patrick was my grandfather's ( Michael's) brother. My grandfather Michael remained in the parish of Tynagh and my father Thomas was born there. I'd heard Patrick swapped his boat ticket to the Titanic because he was waiting on money he was owed from a bet on a horse.

  4. Ann Burke said:

    Hello Marian- It was so interesting seeing this. Patrick was my grandmothers Bridget’s brother so as I understand it, our grandparents were siblings. We’ve heard the story too that he was originally scheduled to travel on a different boat.... Read full post

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