Mr Pehr Fabian Oliver Malkolm Myhrman

Pehr Fabian Oliver Malkolm Myhrman

Mr Pehr Fabian Oliver Malkolm Myhrman was born in Sollefteå, Västernorrland, Sweden on 10 October 1893.

He was the son of Nils Fabian Albertsson (b. 1859), a former Sergeant Major in the Swedish Army, and Brita Håhl (b. 1862) and he had one sibling, Anna Edith Elisabeth Ingeborg (b. 17 July 1897). He grew up in Sollefteå but moved with his family to Solberga, Ovanmyra, Rättvik, Dalarna sometime before 1912. He was educated in Kirstinehamn, Värmland and worked there for a number of years in a hardware store as a clerk.

Pehr boarded the Titanic at Southampton as a third class passenger (ticket number 347078  which cost £7, 15s) and he was bound for the home of his uncle Anton Nelson at 5256 Laflin street, Chicago, Illinois.

Pehr was lost in the sinking and his body, if recovered, was never identified.

His uncle and aunt, clutching his photograph, waited in Chicago for the arrival of a train carrying Titanic survivors to that city, desperately seeking information as to his whereabouts. One survivor, Thure Lundström, recalled seeing the young man:

"...I saw him lots of times," said Lundstrom, examining the photography. "He was a fine boy. We all liked him. He was there on the deck when I jumped..." - Chicago Daily News, 24 April 1912

His parents were awarded 875K (£48) from the charity fund a further amount of 911K (£ 50) on 9 October 1914.

Newspaper Articles

Chicago Daily News (24 April 1912) TITANIC RESCUED HERE
Five Left of Party of Ten from Sweden Arrive on Way to Pacific Coast


Per Fabian Oliver Malkolm Myhrman
Svenska Tribunen-Nyheter (1912) Per Oliver Myhrman
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