Mr Percival Wayland White

Percival Wayland White

Courier News (Plainfield, N.J.), April 22, 1912
Arthur Merchant, USA

Mr Percival Wayland White, 54, was married to Edith Frasar Wheeler and they had two sons, Percival jr. and Richard Frasar.

Percival Wayland White was a prominent and successful cotton manufacturer in Winchendon Springs, Massachusetts. A few years before they sailed on the Titanic, the White family moved from Winchendon Springs to Brunswick, Maine.

He boarded the Titanic, with his son Richard at Southampton following a tour of Europe. They travelled as first class passengers and occupied cabin D-26 (ticket number 35281, £77 5s 9d).

Both men lost their lives in the sinking. The body of Percival White was never found.

Michael A. Findlay, USA
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