Percy William Deacon

Mr Percy William Deacon was born in Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England on 24 September 1894.

He was the son of Albert William Deacon (b. 1869), a carter and farm labourer, and Elizabeth Kate Downer (b. 1872), both Hampshire natives  who had married in 1893.

Percy was one of five surviving children from a total of seven. His known siblings were: Albert James (b. 1896), Alfred Charles (b. 1898), Sidney Lawrence (b. 1900), Edward George (b. 1905) and Florence Mildred Kate (b. 1908).

Percy and his family appeared on the 1901 census living at an unspecified address in Frogham. Fordingbridge. The family later to moved to Fritham, Hampshire around 1905 and appear on the 1911 census in that village. Percy was by now described as an unmarried baker aged 16.

Deacon boarded the Titanic at Southampton as a second class passenger (joint ticket number 14879 which cost £73, 10s) and he was travelling with his Ambrose Hood, Charles Henry Davies, William Dibden, Leonard Mark Hickman , Lewis Hickman and Stanley George Hickman, all from the same locale. His destination is not certain; there is a suggestion he was travelling to Eden, Manitoba with the rest of his party but also that he was bound for Boston to join an uncle who had emigrated previously, planning to enrol in a missionary school there.  According to family legend, Percy had borrowed his share of the fare from the Hickman brothers' father, Herbert Hickman. When the news broke of the sinking, Mr Hickman appeared at the door to the family cottage one evening and demanded his money back!

Percy Deacon died in the sinking. His body, if recovered, was never identified. He is remembered, along with his travelling companions on a memorial plaque in St Peter's Church, Bramshaw, Hampshire:

Percy Deacon 17 Years old
William Dibden 18 Years Old
Charles Henry Davies 19 Years Old
Ambrose Hood 21 Years Old
Stanley George Hickman 21 Years Old
Leonard Mark Hickman 24 Years Old
Lewis Hickman 32 Years Old
All Of The Parish Who Were Lost In The Wreck Of The
S S Titanic On April 15th 1912 Through Collision With An
Iceberg In The Atlantic

His parents later had another child, a son, in 1913 named Ernest Francis (1913-1999). Further sorrow was caused to the family when Percy's brother Albert died aged 18 in 1915. His mother died only the following year aged 44. His father later died in 1929.

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