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René Jacques Lévy

René Jacques Lévy
René Jacques Lévy

Msr. René Jacques Lévy, 36, was born in Paris on 7 July 1875.

He trained as a research chemist.

In 1901, he lived in North Manchester, Lancashire, England, listed as a research chemist aged 25.

At some point, likely in 1903, he married Jeanne Royer (b. 1882 in France) and they had three children; Simone, b. 1904, Andree, b. 1906, and Yvette, b. 1909

He left Southampton, England, 23 March 1910 as a second cabin (second class) passenger on the steamer Adriatic with his wife and three children. He was listed as a civil engineer aged 34 years 6 months. Their last place of permanent residence was London, England. They were bound for Montreal, Canada, where Mr. Levy’s brother George lived at the time. He was 5’4’’ tall, had black hair and brown eyes.

In March of 1912 he returned to Paris for a family funeral. He was originally scheduled to sail back to Canada on the maiden voyage of the France on 20 April, but switched passage when he learned he could get back to his wife in Montreal 10 days earlier aboard the maiden voyage of Titanic.

Reny Levy

His last place of abode was the Grand Hotel in Paris. He boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg as a second class passenger (ticket number SC/PARIS 2163, £12 17s 6d). He shared a cabin with Noël Malachard and an unknown man.

On 14 April, after lunch, he was on deck together with Marie Jerwan and Malachard. Lévy pointed at a lifeboat and said:

"I'm sure, if they lower these boats, the falls will be too short. Of course, I would prefer to go down with the ship rather sitting in one of these boats."

After the collision, he met Marie Jerwan on her way back to her cabin from the boat deck, where she had looked out for the iceberg. Marie told him of the danger, but he just smiled. When she came back from her cabin, Lévy met her on B-Deck starboard side. He, together with Malachard and their cabin-mate told her: "We'll take care of you.". They went to the Boat-Deck and Marie Jerwan was helped by them into lifeboat 11. The men shouted: "Good-bye!", when the boat was lowered and waved their hands. That was the last time when Lévy was seen.

Lévy died in the sinking. His body, if recovered, was never identified.

His daughter Simonne married Stanley Brehaut Egerton Ryerson in 1934 and passed away in Montreal 1 March 1986, aged 81. Andree married a Mr. Lorraine. She was still alive in 1986. Yvette married a Mr. Ach and was alive in Paris, France, in 1986.

Titanic Passenger Summary

Name: Mr René Jacques Lévy
Age: 36 years 9 months and 8 days (Male)
Nationality: French
Marital Status: Married
Last Residence: in Montréal, Québéc, Canada
Occupation: Chemist
Embarked: Southampton on Wednesday 10th April 1912
Ticket No. 2163, £12 17s 6d
Cabin No. D?
Died in the Titanic disaster (15th April 1912)
Body Not Recovered

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René Jacques Lévy
René Jacques Lévy and daughter

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René Lévy (Red Cross)


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  1. Terry Zakine-Cerf

    Terry Zakine-Cerf said:

    One of my family members died on the Titanic, his name was Rene Levy. Your site is the most beautiful ' In Memoriam ' for him and for all those who losed their lives in this tragedy. Thank you. Terry Zakine-Cerf Switzerland

  2. Elena Lorenzini

    Elena Lorenzini said:

    Istanbul, Turkey, early 1930s In my great-grandparents’ circle of friends there was this lady who had lost her son in the Titanic. My grandmother, a young woman at the time, used to remember how she would never talk about it. I was wondering if it was true or if it was just one of the many stories that are passed in families from one generation to the other… but my mother says that it is true and still remembers the woman’s name: Levy. So she was French and not - as I thought - Turk or Greek (there were many Greeks in Istanbul back then, my grandmother being one of them). I found a... Read full post

  3. Karine Cramsie

    Karine Cramsie said:

    Bonjour Terry Je viens de trouver ce site par hasard en cherchant la famille Ach. Je suis une cousine des Ach, Yvette la troisième fille de Rene Jacques, s’est mariée a Andre Ach, un cousin de mon grand père et on les voyait souvent quand j’étais enfant. Elle est décédée vers 1990. Comment êtes vous relies a... Read full post

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