Mr Samuel Greenberg

Mr Samuel Greenberg was born within the Russian Empire,1 possibly Poland, around December 1860.

Greenberg, who was Jewish, was the son of Elias Myer Greenberg and Toba Samuels (b. circa 1840) and had two brothers, Simon (b. 1857) and Max (b. 1864).

It appears his brother Max had lived in New York since the 1880s and was married and had a family there; his brother Simon had also lived for a time in New York and was married there and began a family before relocating to Johannesburg, South Africa around the end of the 1880s.

Samuel was married around 1889 (as per the 1910 census) to Annie 2 (b. circa December 1870 3) but had no children. They both entered the USA on 30 May 1909, travelling aboard Philadelphia and he, his wife and mother appear on the 1910 census as residents of 471 Clinton Street, Manhattan and Samuel was described as working in the wool business.

Following a business trip to South Africa where he also visited his brother in Johannesburg, Greenberg boarded the Titanic at Southampton as a second class passenger (ticket number 250647 which cost £13) and he was travelling to his home in Bronx, New York.

Samuel Greenberg died in the sinking and his body was later recovered by the MacKay Bennett (#19).


CLOTHING - Dressing gown; grey coat; green ditto; blue trousers.

EFFECTS - 2 watches: $11 in American money; 6s in silver an dgold; keys; bill, etc., in pocket, to S. Greenberg.


The body was forwarded on 3rd May to his widow Mrs Greenburg (age 55) in the Bronx, New York.  She later received assistance from the American Red Cross:

No. 161. (Russian). The husband was drowned. he had been a resident of this country three years and was returning from a business trip to South Africa. He was a member and South African representative of a New York firm. It had been arranged that, during his absence, the firm should pay to his wife a certain amount weekly for her living expenses. This had been done for two weeks and had then been allowed to lapse for several months so that, at the time of her husband's death, she was destitute. An effort has been made to recover for the widow some part of her husband's share in the business, but it is now the opinion of the lawyers consulted that she has no legal evidence to support her claim. She is 55 years of age, and has no children. She has had some experience in business and may later, with competent advice and supervision, be established in a small store. Of the appropriation made by this Committee $400 was used to bury her husband, whose body was recovered, and to meet emergent needs. The remainder has been paid in trust to the United Hebrew Charities. From other relief sources she has received $1,011.20. ($2,000). Insurance claim for $25,000 filed by wife.


  1. Exact birthplace unclear; the 1920 census gives his brother Max's birthplace as Poland.
  2. Name often given as Mira; listed as such when she entered the USA in 1909 but listed on the 1910 census as Annie.
  3. Age given as on census and immigration records as being born around December 1870; the American Red Cross gives her age as 55.

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