Mr Sarkīs Lahhūd Ishaq Mu'awwad

Mr Sarkīs Lahhūd Ishaq Mu'awwad (Sarkis Lahoud Ishaq) was born in Zaghartā, al Shamal, Lebanon around 1877.

He was one of several children born to Lahhūd Ishaq Mu'awwad and Mantūrah Dahdah and he lived in Ihdin, Zaghartā with his wife Jamīlah, née Makkārī, and his four children: Lahhūd, Mantūrah, Widād and Butrus.

Sarkīs had apparently spent time in the USA before and both his parents lived there. His ill father had returned to Lebanon and petitioned Sarkīs to travel to Philadelphia to look after his lone mother.

Sarkīs joined the Titanic in Cherbourg as a third class passenger (ticket number 2624 which cost £7, 4s, 6d); he was either travelling directly to Waterbury, Connecticut or Philadelphia. His travelling companions were apparently several other from his local area, including Tannūs Butrus-Ka'wī, Hannā Mikā'īl Māmā and the Nakid family.

Sarkīs Lahhūd died in the sinking and his body, if recovered, was never identified.

His widow Jamīlah later remarried, becoming Mrs Mūsà Zaydan. What became of her and her children is unknown.

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