Mr Simon Maisner

Mr Simon Meisnere 1 was born in Kiev, Ukraine 2, then part of the Russian Empire, around 1878. Details about his early life remain unknown.

He was married to Sarah Jenahofsky (b. 15 January, circa 1880),3 presumably also a Ukrainian and they had three 4 sons, all born in Kiev: Morris M. (b. 1901), Raymond Bennett (1902-1977) and Harry (1903-1972).

Mr Meisnere, a tailor, boarded the Titanic in Southampton as a third class passenger (ticket number 2816 which had cost £8, 1s), giving his previous residence as 29 Houndsditch (?) in London. He was headed to New York City, perhaps with his wife and children to follow when he had established himself.

Mr Meisnere died in the sinking and his body, if recovered, was never identified.

His wife Sarah and his sons eventually made the crossing to America the following year, seemingly spending time in New York. Sarah was remarried in Manhattan on 4 October 1915 to Jacob Glaser (1888-1966), also a tailor originally from the Russian Empire who had come to the USA in 1907. She, her new husband and her sons settled in Newport, Rhode Island soon after and appeared on the 1920 census as residents of Brindley (?) Street in Newport. Sarah--who was active in many Jewish organisations--and her husband were still residing in Newport by the time of the 1940 census and she died there on 5 June 1956 following a heart attack. She and Jacob are buried in Braman Cemetery in Newport.

His son Raymond later graduated from law school and had his own private practice in Boston. He was married but had no children and later divorced before remarrying to Ida Wilsker (1900-1994). A veteran of WWII, he resettled in Newport, Rhode Island following his retirement in 1961 and died there on 15 August 1977.

His son Harry became an attorney and fisherman, commanding his own fishing boat in the Far East. He was married to Lillian (1906-1985) and they raised a family; their son Arthur Simon was born in 1937 and they lived Brooklyn, New York. Harry died in Singapore on 30 October 1972.

Gavin Bell

  1. Spelling of surname varies. Frequently listed as Maisner and sometimes Meisner. Current day family spell the name Meisnere.
  2. Birthplace is purely speculative. Like all people born within the Russian Empire, including Poles, Belarusians, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, etc, Simon was described as Russian in the passenger manifest. The obituaries for his sons state that they were born in Kiev, Russia (sic), indicative perhaps that Simon was born there also.
  3. Sarah was the daughter of Morris Jenahofsky and Sophie Bleukorf (maiden name uncertain; her obituary spells the name Kakaff). Her exact age is unclear; census records are conflicting but her 1915 marriage record states she was born in 1880; her headstone states she was born in 1891.
  4. Details of children uncertain as at least one source says that Meisnere was the father of only two sons. The 1920 census lists three children: Morris, Raymond and Harry. After this Morris drops off the radar, never to be mentioned again. In the death notices for Raymond and Harry a brother named Ira S. Mason is mentioned. He would be referenced in the probate of Sarah Glaser (as reported in Newport Daily News, 14 June 1956) but was not mentioned in her obituary (Newport Daily News, 5 June 1956) which stated that she was survived by two sons. Other details about Ira are unknown, except that he was deceased sometime prior to 1977 and it is a possibility that Morris and Ira were one and the same. 
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