Mr Stefo Pavlović

Mr Stefo Pavlović, 32, was a married labourer with three children from Vagovina, part of the Austria-Hungarian Empire that now forms part of Croatia. 

To reach his destination of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, he bought his third class ticket from the agent: Viktor Klaus-Wildi, Buchs for 299 Swiss francs (ticket number 349242, £7 17s 11d). He boarded the Titanic at Southampton.

He may have been acquainted with Mara Osman who was from the same village in Croatia and travelling to the same region of Pennsylvania seemingly to a Mrs Pavlović.

Stefo Pavlović died in the sinking. His body, if recovered, was never identified.  

His widow Manda Pavlović and their three children in Vagovina received £120 from the Titanic relief fund. They later claimed $50,000 in compensation for his loss.

Documents and Certificates

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(1912) Register of Births, Marriages and Deaths of Passengers and Seamen at Sea, National Archives, London; BT334/52 & 334/53


Limitation of Liability Hearings Claim of the Beneficiaries of Stefo Pavovic, National Archives, New York; NRAN-21-SDNYCIVCAS-55(279)-L


Günter Bäbler (1998) Reise auf der Titanic: Das Schicksal der Schweizer, Chronos, Zurich
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Günter Bäbler, Switzerland
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