Stina Viola Pålsson

Stina Viola Pålsson

Miss Stina Viola Pålsson, 3, was born on 19 June 1908, and was travelling from Bjuv, Sweden to Chicago, Illinois with her mother Mrs Nils Pålsson and siblings Torborg, Paul, and Gösta. They were rejoining her father, Nils Pålsson, who had emigrated to the United States two years earlier. The Pålsson's joined the Titanic at Southampton. They all died in the sinking, Stina's body, if recovered, was never identified.

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Chicago American (21 April 1912) Loses Family by Wreck
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  1. Miranda Martin said:

    I'm looking for photos of the Pålsson children. I know there is one of Stina and her parents, and one of Gösta, but are there any of Torborg and Paul, or others of the two youngest ones? Please answer me. Miranda

  2. Melinda Laura Varju said:

    Not that I know of and I've wondered this same thing.

  3. Miranda Martin said:

    I think there could have been photos of the others because lots of families took photos before they left. For example, the Panula family took a photo of their three youngest children just before they left. Maybe the Pålssons did the same, but the photos were lost somehow. It would be interesting to know if Nils Pålsson had other children, or if there were any other descendants. Maybe they might have photos. Miranda

  4. Melinda Laura Varju said:

    Hi Miranda, You said the Panulas family took a photo of the three youngest children before they left. Can I see that picture? I love to see how these little children looked who so suddenly perished this terrible disaster. About the Palsson family, the picture says "Nils, Alma, with Stina before Nils left for Chicago." I think Stina is the oldest child/daughter, not Torborg. Why would the other children be excluded on the photo? Plus, when Nils left for Chicago, Gosta was the smallest child. This makes Stina older than Torborg. I bet there are pictures of those children somewhere, or at... Read full post

  5. Miranda Martin said:

    There wasn't a picture of all three Panula children but one photo of each. Sorry I don't know how to post a picture. Can you tell me? I don't understand why Stina should be older than Torborg. I have thought sometimes that the girl in the photo could be Torborg, and since the child looks about one year old, Paul wasn't born yet.

  6. Mark Baber said:

    I don't know how to post a picture. Can you tell me? Sure, Miranda. Below the space at the bottom of this page where you'd compose a new message, there's a button labeled "Insert Image/Document." Click on that button and follow the instructions on the pop-up page that will appear, and the image should appear in your message once it's posted.

  7. Miranda Martin said:

    I think nearly every one has a picture of Eino Panula. I you don't, I will post it here. The photo is of Juha Panula.

  8. Miranda Martin said:

    In August Wennerström's biography, it says that "as the Titanic went down he met Alma Pålsson and her children. He tried to hold on to two of the children, but lost them when they came into the water." Which children did he hold onto? And why didn't he hold on tighter??? Miranda

  9. Hildur Panula-Heinonen said:

    It is very hard to hold on to a small screaming, probably kicking and squirming around child. Not to mention the water that is against you. I have located a mistake with one of the pics i sent up. The picture that was of Jaakko Panula, is not of him. It was off his cousin who has the exact same name--Jaakko Panula. My bad. I do have a few more pics of them and of the other children. I shall post them in a while. As for the child in the pic with Alma and Nils, i believe it is Stina, and Alma is pregnant in it with her next child. She looks a few months along.

  10. Miranda Martin said:

    Thanks for answering, Hildur. Yes, I should've remembered that it is very hard to hold on to a child that doesn't want you to hold it. I'm still wondering why the other Pålsson children aren't in that photo...

  11. Hildur Panula-Heinonen said:

    Does anyone know if Nils knew his wife's body was found? I would imagine no, or else he would have maybe claimed it.

  12. karen buckley said:

    Nils Palsson was my great great uncle. He remarried and his second wife was Tina. I believe they had a little girl, but other than that I have no more information.

  13. Hildur Panula-Heinonen said:

    Karen, you say Nils remarried and had a daughter? Do you have any details? Like information on the marriage, wife and child?

  14. Hildur Panula-Heinonen said:

    I found this photo (not too clear) of Alma, holding Gosta, and in the foreground (seperate attached pic), Torborg and Paul.

  15. Holly Peterson said:

    Wow, great job Hildur! That's the first picture I've ever seen of the two elder Palsson children. Is this picture from a Titanic museum somewhere?

  16. Hildur Panula-Heinonen said:

    I'm no sure, i was searching around and i came up with this.

  17. Miranda Martin said:

    OH MY OH MY OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE IT THANK YOU SO MUCH HILDUR THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!! Do you know when those pictures were taken?

  18. Hildur Panula-Heinonen said:

    I am assuming the photo of Alma and Gösta was taken in 1911 and the picture of Paul and Torborg was probably taken around 1912, given the ages of the children. The photo came form an exhibition that i couldn't quite remember the name of.

  19. Frances Martin said:

    Just seeing a not very clear photo of those children is more than enough for me I've been looking for a photo of Torborg and Paul for years and I was soooo amazed when I saw that one!!! Thank you so much now I now what all of Alma's children looked like!

  20. Hildur Panula-Heinonen said:

    The photos of the Palsson family above can also me viewed on Youtube, under the title of TITANIC GHOSTS DOCUMENTARY. pLace that in to the search engine and a 4-part video will appear. For anyone interested in the Unknown child, i'd advise you watch the video. Make note: The Panula photos at the end if part 4, is not the family. It was a mistaken identity.

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