Svend Lauritz Jensen

Svend Jensen

Svend Lauritz Jensen was born 22 December 1895 in Denmark. His parents were Hans Christian Jensen (a butcher born 30 March 1870) and Karen Sofie Andersen (born 30 June 1870). His brothers and sisters listed as living in the family in 1911 were Carla Christine Nielsine, b. 13 February 1893 (a survivor of the sinking), Anna Marie (b. 11 January 1899), Astri Mary (b. 17 July 1901), Åge Karle Kristian (b. 27 June 1905), and Ada Lykke Sofie (b. 20 November 1910).

The family lived at Söllinge, Vindinge, Svendborg, Denmark, and they belonged to the Church of Denmark.

Svend lived in Eskildstrup, Pederstrup, Odense County.

He was going to Portland, Oregon, with sister Carla, her fiancé Hans Peder Jensen and his uncle Nils Rasmus Jensen.

Carla Jensen was the only survivor. Svend's body was never found.

A year after his death, in 1913, his parents would have another son whom they named Svend Lauritz.

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Svend Lauritz Jensen
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