Thomas Cupper Mudd

Mr Thomas Cupper Mudd was born in Huntingfield, Suffolk, England over the summer months of 1895.

He was the son of Thomas Mudd (b. 1855), a carrier (a carter or carman), and Elizabeth Coe (b. 1864), both Suffolk natives of Huntingfield  and Spexhall, respectively who had married in 1881.

Thomas was one of thirteen children, ten surviving past infancy. His known siblings were: James (1882-1953), Clara (b. 1884), George Thomas (1887-1966), Henry Edward (1889-1895), Walter (1892-1895), Millicent Mary (1897-1978), Maurice Jarrold (1899-1957), Daisy Elizabeth (1901-1978, later Mrs Edwin Albert Candler), Percy Henry (1903-1981), Laurence (1905-1908) and Dorothy Annie (b. 1908).

Thomas first appears on the 1901 census when he and his family were residing at a cottage on The Street in Huntingfield, with the family at the same household by the time of the 1911 census. By the time of the latter record Thomas, aged 15, is described as a bookkeeper.

By 1912 two of Thomas' elder brothers had emigrated and settled in America. James was the first to leave, sometime around 1907, settling in Radnor, Pennsylvania where he worked as a gardener. He would be joined in 1911 by George and by early 1912 Thomas was also making plans to settle in there.

Thomas boarded the Titanic at Southampton as a second class passenger, ticket number S.O./P.P. 3 which had cost £10, 10s.

He wrote to his mother from Titanic:

Mrs. Thomas Mudd, The Street, Hunting Field, Halesworth, Suffolk.

Dear Mother,

Arrived at Southampton safe - The Titanic is a splendid boat and you hardly know you are moving. Will write more fully later

Your loving Son Tom.

Thomas Mudd died in the sinking and his body, if recovered, was never identified.

Tom's mother and father received financial support from the Titanic relief fund after the disaster. His father died in 1926 but what became of his mother is not certain.

His brother George remained in Pennsylvania and settled in Philadelphia where he worked in the shipyards. He married an Irish woman named Sarah Hallaren (1889-1951) and raised a family; his first born, a son, was named Thomas, perhaps in honour of his lost brother. George died in Philadelphia in 1966.

His brother James also remained in Pennsylvania, settling in Abington, Montgomery County where he continued to work as a gardener. He was married to an English woman, Gertrude Alberta Mulley (b. 1882) and raised a family. He died in Abington on 2 May 1953.

Thomas' last known surviving sibling back in Britain was his brother Percy who died in 1981.


His birth was registered in Blything, Suffolk in the 3rd quarter of 1895.

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  1. Sherri Mudd-Weber said:

    HI! i'm trying to find out more about Thomas C. Mudd age 16 or 17 b. in suffolk england or there about.T.C. would have been my great, great uncle he was my grandfather's dad young brother.Thank-you for any help.

  2. Sherri Mudd-Weber said:

    I have found mor info on the net: thomas, middle name is COE not charles hehad his mother,s maiden name as a middle name, also his two older brothers JAMES & GEORGE sent him the money for the ticket.I understand that they regretted it till the day they died. NOTE: they both had sons whom they named Thomas and we have passed the name down to this day.

  3. Lisa Riches said:

    Hello!! Is there anyone out there who can help me to find out more information about Thomas Mudd. I know that his father was Thomas and his mother Elizabeth, and also that he had two brothers, James and George. Does anyone out there know any further information about any of them?

  4. avatar

    Brian J. Ticehurst said:

    Lisa, Here is my printout on Mr. Mudd - I hope it helps? Mudd, Mr. Thomas C. Missing. Home address - Mrs. T. Mudd, Huntingfield, Near Halesworth, Suffolk. Aged 16 years. Insurance claim B92 $400 filed by mother. Claim C44 Life $20,000. Property $400 both filed by mother. (From: Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund Booklet, March 1913) Number P. 77. Mudd, Thomas, father and Elizabeth, mother received 7s 0d. weekly. Thomas Mudd, a letter from his nephew says that the lad was just sixteen years old and one of a family of thirteen children. In order to give him a chance of a better... Read full post

  5. Bob Godfrey said:

    Brian, any idea why he seemed to be travelling on the same ticket as Mrs Mary Mack? She was of his grandparent's generation but doesn't seem to have any Suffolk connection. Perhaps just a clerical error somewhere along the line.

  6. Lisa Riches said:

    Thank you for your help. I didn't realise there was so many of them! Do you have any ideas of names of his siblings or his nephew? Cheers! Lisa

  7. avatar

    Brian J. Ticehurst said:

    Lisa - No sorry no other names than those in your first post. Bob - No sorry I have never found a connection. Mrs. Mack seemed to have had and had several men in her life but no direct mention to Thomas Mudd. Here is the Red Cross report on her: (Extract from the American Red Cross Relief booklet case no 286) (English). An aged English woman was drowned while coming to this country, after the recent death of her husband, to make her home with her only daughter. The daughter's husband, a waiter, at the time of the disaster was recovering from a severe attack of typhoid fever. The... Read full post

  8. Lisa Riches said:

    Ok thanks for your help!! Lisa

  9. Bob Godfrey said:

    Thanks, Brian. The connection remains a mystery, but the Red Cross info is much appreciated.

  10. faye charlotte louise wheeler said:

    thomas mudd was 16 and travelling on the titanic and drowned if anyone has info about him please contact me any photos of him would be great too thanku faye

  11. avatar

    Michael H. Standart said:

    What ET has can be found at You may find further information on the additional links on that page.

  12. James Hayward said:

    I am directing a production of "Titanic the Musical" which will run at the Regent Theatre in Ipswich next April. The cast includes, in major roles, brothers Matthew Mudd (Hitchens) and Jonathan Mudd (Fred Barrett). They are the great-great-nephews of passenger Thomas Mudd, who was travelling to join family members already living in the States. The postcard he sent his mother back home in Suffolk is, I believe, quite well known. It reads (in part): "Titanic is a splendid boat & you hardly know you are moving. Will write more fully later, your loving son Tom".

  13. Stephen Bardwell said:

    Hi, Thomas Mudd was my cousin (2nd Cousin, 3x Rem) I am currently been researching the family history. Any helpful information would be greatly recieved. Stephen Bardwell

  14. Chris Dohany said:

    Hello Stephen His name was actually Thomas Cupper Mudd, he was born 1895, in Huntingfield, Suffolk, the son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Coe) Mudd. He was traveling aboard Titanic to join two older brothers, James and George, in Pennsylvania. If you check out his on this site you'll find a transcription of a postcard Thomas sent to his mother from Titanic.

  15. ram said:

    2nd class pass, pos family relation Is there any pictures anywhere of Thomas Charles Mudd 2nd class passenger on the Titanic. I've been trying to find out more information, possible relation to family. If pictures somewhere, please let me know where.

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