Mr Thomas W. McCawley

Mr Thomas W. McCawley, 36, gave his address as Camden Place, Southampton.

He had spent time living in Cape Town, South Africa. He returned to Britain from Durban, South Africa, arriving in Southampton on 13 January 1912 aboard the Saxon of the Union Castle Line and was described as a physical educator.

A survivor described McCawley as 'a ruddy cheeked, spry little man in white flannels', he kept to his post while the passengers waited on deck and eventually found their way into his gym. He told one survivor that he would not wear a lifebelt, because it would slow him down as he swam.

He died in the sinking.


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  1. Mary Tyrone said:

    I have been wondering for some time why Mr. McCawley's entry in the Encyclopedia Titanica has not been recently updated? In the book written on Father Frank Brown , there is a reference made to a conversation had between Father Brown & Mr. McCawley himself in the ship's gymnasium. It was said that Mr. McCawley mentioned his hometown in Scotland & his wife & family. I think there was enough information given for further research. I'm also curious about when he moved to England and what the T. W. initials stood for? I'm guessing maybe Terrence William? I would... Read full post

  2. Chris Dohany said:

    His first name was Thomas, so I've been told. I don't know what his middle name was.

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