Mr Victor Robins

Mr Victor Robins 1 was born in Westminster, London, England over the Spring months of 1867.

He was the son of a Birmingham-born father, Arthur John Robins (b. 1844), a stonemason, and a Scottish mother from Aberdeenshire, Mary Ann Forbes (b. 1847) who were married in mid-1866. Victor had six known siblings (form a reported total of eight): Oliver (b. 1871), Arthur (b. 1873), Philip (b. 1875), Eleanor Elizabeth (b. 1878), William (b. 1880) and Lillian (b. 1884).

He first appears on the 1871 census living with his family in Reeves Mews, St George's, London, moving to 4 Percy Road, Hammersmith by the time of the 1881 census. Victor had apparently left school by this stage but had no stated profession. He left England sometime around 1890 and settled in New York where he worked as a butler. He had made a return home to England in June 1897 aboard Lake Huron.

In his absence his parents had become estranged from each other and were living apart. His father was shown on the 1901 census co-habiting with a married woman named Louisa Jane Mersey Imms, née Pewsey (1861-1951) whilst his mother and sister Lillian were living with in-laws in Croydon. His father died on 26 October 1907 whilst his mother passed away in 1938 in Surrey.

Back in New York, Victor was married to a French-born woman named Louisa De Loye 2 (b. 26 October 1861) and their only child, a son named George Victor was born on 26 May 1894. The family settled in Manhattan and they appeared there on the 1905 census.

It is not clear how long Victor was in the employ of John Jacob Astor as butler and valet. He boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg on 10 April 1912 along with Colonel Astor and his new wife Madeline and her maid Rosalie Bidois (travelling on joint ticket number 17757 which cost £247, 10s, 6d). The Astors had been on their honeymoon in Europe.

Victor Robins, along with his employer Colonel Astor, died in the sinking and his body, if recovered, was never identified.

His widow Louisa apparently never remarried and continued to live in Manhattan with her son George whom she was also fated to outlive. George became an electrical engineer and later married a woman named Catherine Maroney (b. 1898), a nurse from Maryland, but had no children. They settled in Queens, New York and George died there on 6 February 1945. His mother Louisa, having weathered the loss of both husband and son, survived less than two years and passed away in Flushing, New York on 23 December 1946 aged 85. She was buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Queens.


Articles and Stories

Unidentified Newspaper (1912) 


Gavin Bell, UK
Hermann Söldner, Germany


  1. Spelled Robbins in many accounts. All official records spell the name with only one 'b'.
  2. Spelling uncertain. Some sources say "Deloy" or "Delaze".

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