Viktor Richard Rosblom

Mr Viktor Rikard Rosblom was born in Rauma, Finland on 8 April 1894.

He was the son of Viktor Rosblom (b. 1871) and Helena Wilhelmina Raula (b. 1872) and was the brother of Eino (b. 1900) and Salli Helena (b. 1910).

His father Viktor had already spent time in the USA, arriving in New York on 5 February 1905 aboard the Oceanic and he lived around three years there before returning to Finland. He left Finland again, this time arriving in New York aboard the Adriatic on 31 March 1910.  From there he settled in Seaside, Clatsop County, Oregon.

It was decided that the remainder of the family would join Mr Rosblom in the USA and he left Finland on 23 March 1912 with his mother and sister Salli. His brother Eino did not wish to leave, fearing he was to "go with them to drown," so he remained behind in Finland.

Originally scheduled to travel aboard Olympic, upon arrival in Southampton his sister Salli became ill and their departure was postponed. They eventually boarded Titanic on 10 April 1912 as third class passengers (ticket number 370129 which cost £20, 4s, 3d).

Viktor Rosblom, along with his mother and sister, all died in the sinking and their bodies, if recovered, were never identified. His father had been unaware that they had been travelling aboard Titanic and it was only weeks later that he discovered the truth.

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