William Dennis

Mr William Dennis, 26, was born in 1886 in the village of Ashbury, Devon. He was the son of William Henry Dennis (farmer) and Mary Arabella Dennis (née Sobey). He was the younger brother of Elizabeth and Olive and elder brother to Samuel. He is known to also have had a second younger brother.

In about 1888 the family moved across the boundary from Devon to Cornwall and settled at Treyeo Farm in the North Cornwall parish of Launcells. About 6 years later the family moved to live at Leigh Farm, Week St Mary, Cornwall. It was from here that William set out on his fateful journey.

William had been encouraged to emigrate to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada by his relatives Lewis Richard and Owen Harris Braund of nearby Bridgerule, Devon. The Braund's had a relative Leonard Lovell already in Canada and it was to him they were all ultimately travelling on Titanic. William, with the Braund's, his younger brother, Samuel and relatives John Henry Perkin (of Ashbury, Devon) and John Henry Lovell (of Holsworthy, Devon) all embarked Titanic at Southampton after a long train journey from North Cornwall. The party were also accompanied by Miss Susan Webber, a family friend of nearby North Tamerton, Cornwall.

William was travelling third class (ticket number 21175, £7 5s), it is probable that he shared a cabin with John Perkin. His ticket was likely obtained from the Bude White Star agent, Mr Hawking.

William Dennis was lost in the sinking, his body, if recovered, was never identified.


In some local records the family is listed as Dinnis.

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