William Jeffery Ware

WJ Ware

Mr William Jeffrey Ware was born in the closing months of 1889 in Calstock, Cornwall, England.

He was the only child of Samuel Ware (b. 1862) and Ann Louisa Witheridge (b. 1860). His father, a blacksmith, was also a native Calstock whilst his mother hailed from Buckland, Devonshire and they were married in 1888.

William appears on the 1891 census with his parents living at Barclay's (?) Cottage in Gunnislake, Cornwall but would have moved to King Street, also in Gunnislake, by the time of the 1901 census. His father had been making trips to South Africa for work since the 1890s and had been living in that country since 1908. William had been on a visit to him and seems to have spent over a year there; he would therefore be absent from the 1911 census when his mother was living alone, still in King Street. He would return from South Africa only six weeks before departing England again.

William boarded the Titanic at Southampton as a second class passenger (ticket number 28666, which cost £10, 10s). He was travelling to Butte, Montana with a friend, Frederick William Pengilly, also of Gunnislake and two brothers from nearby Harrowbarrow, Harry and Shadrach Gale.

Ware was lost in the sinking, his body, if recovered, was never identified.

His father eventually returned from South Africa and both his parents continued to live in King Street, Gunnislake. His mother died on 4 November 1929 and his father on 21 August 1945.

William Jeffery Ware is remembered on a cenotaph which was erected by his parent's in St. Andrews Church Cemetery Calstock, Cornwall.

Memorial Memorial
(Photo Courtesy of Trevor Baxter)

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William Jeffery Ware

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