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"Survivors" Who Besiege Relief Committee Prove Imposters


Odd Desire of Others


Want to Be Known as Rescued Passengers;

Buffalo Couple Seek Recognition

New York, May 4--Addditional "survivors" of the Titanic disaster are turning up daily at the White Star line offices and at the headquarters of various relief committees only to be proved to be imposters.

Some do not try to get any money, but seem only to have a curious drive to be recorded as among the survivors.

A middle aged couple from Buffalo appeared at the White Star line office today. They refused money, but told credible stories of how they escaped from the vessel and were picked up by the Carpathia, but their names had not appeared in the lists.

First Visit in Seven Years

Investigation proved, according to the steamship officials, that the couple had never been outside of Buffalo for seven years until their present visit to the city.

There have been a number of imposters seeking aid, but the checking system is so minute it is not believed a single one has succeeded in obtaining money by false stories.

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